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  1. Plugins for ApexDC++

    /me doesn't seem to be working in 64bit?
  2. can't search (yes I have read the guide)

    found out someone was screwing with me on campus... thanks for the help.
  3. didn't know that... thank you
  4. Get file list error

    just another thing with the file lists... I see they are being saved to the program files folder, as far as I know this causes an issue with users who have UAC enabled, is there a way to change it to the roaming folder when uac is enabled like other programs?
  5. Can't do either, kinda annoying especially since I would like to search for answers.
  6. so I have a hub on my campus that I am connected to, in regular dc++ I can connect, download, ect... on the hub I'm running I can connect download, ect using apex... but on this hub its a no go... any ideas? edit: so I can upload files and talk, but I cant search?
  7. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    would love to see this work with the latest version of itunes Edit: Dont know why but it needed a restart..