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  1. Crash on viewing .iso folders

    PM with further infos sent
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Final

    Thanks for the new Version, but i got a reproducible Crash here. I have to use SDC 2.22 instead, it doesn´t crash.
  3. Crash on viewing .iso folders

    It´s the same with 1.2 final! The Crash is reprodudicble for me with ApexDC++, SDC 2.22 is working as it should. Can someone help, pls? exeptioninfo is empty. The same crash is occuring in RSX++ 1.00. This exceptioninfo says: Code: c0000090 Version: 1.00 Exception code: Unknown floating-point error Code: c0000090 Version: 1.00 Exception code: Unknown floating-point error Don´t know if it helps ;)
  4. Hi! Today i saw that StrongDC has released a new version (2.22). When comes the new ApexDC Version :thumbsup: Thx
  5. Crash on viewing .iso folders

    Anything new on this Bug? Maybe someone could reply if it's fixed or not. Thx in advance. Did a little bit of testing: (quoted myself from another thread)
  6. My Apex DC++ crashes most of the times.

    I DL a filelist and had a look at it. Then ApexDC crashed without writing anything to the exceptioninfo. This Bug is reproducible for me. I´m viewing a Directory with *.mdf, *.md0 and *.mds files. Browsing that Directory crashes Apex. Maybe it has to do with these files or with the subfolders folders. There are subfolders with "[" and "]" in the dir of the *.mdf-files. If you want, i can send you the file list or upload it to pastebin or RS. Testsetup: (on LAN) ApexDC 1.2Beta - Crashtest dummy :thumbsup: YnHub 1.036.152 ApexDC1.2B (2. instance), StrongDC 2.21 and RSX++ 1.00 (providing the filelist to Test the Crash) Edit: With the same filelist, ApexDC crashes, StrongDC works fine. The filelist comes from RSX++ Testsetup. See above Greetings from Germany
  7. Crash on viewing .iso folders

    I was on a LAN-Paty yesterday and Apex crashed when i was trying to view a folder with a ISO in it. It crashed without any error message and the Crash was reproducible. I tried 1.1 and 1.2 Beta, both the same Crash. The user with the ISOs then gave me his version (0.2.2) and it was working after hashing all data again I was remembering that 0.4.0 also works. Please fix this, THX.
  8. Linux ApexDC++

    Will the "core" and the "GUI" be independent from each other? Then you could run the core on the NSLU2 for example, which uses very low power and runs 24/7. The coor can be controllled via the GUI on the Desktop-PC :)
  9. Linux Project Development

    Is there a GUI for DCget or do i have to do all the stuff over ssh? I want to run DCget on a dedicated server (Ubuntu 7.10), no Xserver. How far is the "ApexDC for Linux"-Project? :)
  10. Willkommen im ApexDC Forum!

    Wollte auch mal im dt. Forum "Hallo" sagen Freu mich schon auf die Beta3 :)
  11. Hi! As the topic says, i've got ApexDC 0.4 running under Wine since the last Wine-update (0.9.31). There are only a few "bugs". - you can't use the checkboxes in "Settings" (edit the settings.xml manually) - the tooltips are broken all the other things are working (as i tested it) BUT: I' looking forward to have a REAL Linux-ApexDC so long, hf H2K-xXx greetings from Germany
  12. Sharing GUI

    I like to see that too Maybe a GUI like this one: http://www.zftpserver.com/Images/Screensho...e_Directory.jpg of course without the folder restrictions :)
  13. LAN-only mode

    LanDC doesn use TTH, so it's no option for me. I'm just coming from a LAN that had DC++ File-Sharing for MODs and Levels. I had a "TTH incosistency" for about 2-3 times. A option to have a "LAN only-Mode" in ApexDC would be nice! What are the best options for DC in LAN? Multisource on / off Enable safe and compressed transfers off (on uses too much CPU i think) Number of simultanous (?) "Max Uploads" and "Max Downloads"? Are there any other settings that can improve LAN-Speed? Thanks in advance for the Setting-Tips
  14. [Support] User with fireball

    doesn the fireBall mean, that the user uploads 100kB/s and more?