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  1. Hi, I know this is an older version of the Apex Setup, but I wanted to share this anyway. My latest Microsoft Security Essentials Version reported Malware in the setup files with the versions 1.3.8 and 1.3.9, named "Win32/OpenCandy". As the version is fairly recent however, I just wanted to report it in case you want to avoid false positives in the future, or maybe you included something like that by accident.
  2. Minimize to tray stopped working (1.3.1)

    I updated to 1.3.1 on Win7x64, and now the "Minimize to Tray" functionality stopped working. I tried to deactivate MtT and reactivate it in the settings, but it did not work, the symbol (unpinned) stays in the taskbar.
  3. Minimize to tray stopped working (1.3.1)

    As it doesn't really matter WHERE i reply to that: I really don't like it when I have an application like that not being able to minimize to tray. From time to time I have smaller screen size set and every icon counts. Apart from that I know quite a lot of people who set the icons on Windows 7 from hiding label to always show label, it's just their favorite. It's good that you incorporate functionality into the taskbar, but it's not like you have to delete the old tray functionality. Please leave it as a configurable choice. If you have to, set the default to not hide in the tray, but at least let me save a little bit of space with applications I REALLY don't need in the taskbar (and yes, although I like ApexDC++, I really don't need it there all the time). Please give me a good reason apart from "We are the devs, we can decide that" and "Other apps do like win messenger that too" - I don't like the fact that messenger doesn't hide to tray either, so that's not a valid argument for me (and I guess for a lot of others too).
  4. Unable to open own file list

    Since I installed version 1.3.0, I cannot open my own file list anymore if it's over a certain size (somewhere around 1TB and up). I tried to rebuild or rehash all files, but that didn't work, as soon as I reached over the TB area, the own file list closed instantly. I can still open others file lists though. (I wouldn't have switched, but because of the update message I couldn't use the old version anymore)
  5. Unable to open own file list

    Not that I would want to make open source projects less worthy, I'm not even saying that some users might have to be forced or they would run around with gaping 10-year-old security holes, but there's a difference between "I want to wait for the next, slightly more stable version" and "ok, now I have to go to the website, download the new program, uninstall the old one or the 'YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE' message won't disappear, install the new one just so I can start it again", but maybe you might just call me narrowminded there. I never said anything against update reminders, but it was just my opinion that the way it is now seemed slightly over the top...
  6. Unable to open own file list

    Yeah, that might be an idea if that actually were an option. The folder tree is rather minimal already.
  7. Unable to open own file list

    I'm not USING my client over the internet, but that's beside the point... I guess you're doing it because others wouldn't update regularly, but it just makes me sorta pissed off that I have update from a (for me) perfectly working installation to a (again for me) buggy installation. Edit: P.S.: It's just bad that there's no possibility for advanced users to chose the point or time of upgrading.