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  1. Mä ja Jeesus

    Otsikko oli vähän harhaanjohtava, muuten kovaa tekstiä :crying:
  2. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    This seems to have done the trick. Thanks for all your answers. ^_^
  3. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    bte, is there a way to scan for example ApexDC to see if there is a worm? My antivirus program doesn't see anything but those unauthorized emails...
  4. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    Ok, maybe I'll just wait and see if my Antivirus program gets that feature that I don't have always close those boxes, but that it would remember my choices. Thanks for the support guys. ^_^
  5. [Support][v.0.2.2] Strange emails?

    Ok, I believe that it's not ApexDC++ I just don't know what to do this problem...
  6. Now can somebody explain me what the heck does this mean? What should I do to this? Of course I don't allow anything this suspicious to happen, but my Antivirus doesn't have yet feature to make it automatically block these, so I receive these boxes every now and then... :blink: