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  1. [Support] Can't compile

    Alright the first link got the answer: had to disable the precompiled header for iTunesCOMInterface_i.c. Now the compiling works. Thanks for everyone :)
  2. [Support] Can't compile

    I've been trying to compile in release mode all the time.
  3. [Support] Can't compile

    No help, still the same error: ".\windows\iTunesCOMInterface_i.c(141) : fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header. Did you forget to add '#include "stdafx.h"' to your source?" I have included the files you sent in PM and have installed DirectX SDK (dec2006). And I think the error has nothing to do with them.
  4. [Support] Can't compile

    Well I installed WMP SDK 9, is that my problem?
  5. [Support] Can't compile

    How did you manage to get this working? Now it gives me the same error.
  6. Remove or Improve Tab Bolding

    I'm still waiting for fulDC's implementation of customization of tabs (colors, fonts, hightlights etc). fulDC's website
  7. Why not using right click -> Open user log? Works with tabs and nicks.
  8. When I put some user on ignore, the client hangs after a while and it starts using all CPU for some reason. This happens even when starting the program again, so I have to manually remove the ignored user from the ignore.xml file. I'm using Windows XP SP2.
  9. Ignoring only non-OP users is too limited for my opinion. Some hubs have chatrooms which open automatically when entering them and some hubs spam "support" messages. It would be nice to ignore them (like I did in fulDC). fulDC also has ignoring based on regex.
  10. Features from fulDC

    Oh yea those icons on tabs. I meant the whole tab is customizable in fulDC, text format and colors.
  11. Features from fulDC

    Hello forum! This is my first post here. I like ApexDC++, but in my opinion it's lacking few good features I got used to while using fulDC. Here are them: 1. Regex coloring of chats: I think I read here some people saying it would take too much CPU, but it's working fine in fulDC. You can define keywords and colors, sounds, tab color change etc. for them. Besides for now ApexDC++ can't even let you change the color of nicks in chats (only bolding). 2. Tab coloring: different colors for connected and disconnected hubs, highlights etc. 3. Same actions for transfer list as in nick list (copy nick, IP etc.). 4. Customizable popup thingy. I think that's all for now. Keep up the good work! :)