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  1. [sORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, I'M ITALIAN!!!] hi, i have create two function; 1) Disconnect segment slow in the end of the download but is little imperfect 2) Auto stop search (olny in the window search) when there are 1000 result If you want see my function i can send you two my files where there are this function. Bye. Sorry for my english!!!
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    [sORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, I'M ITALIAN!!!] Hi, thank for your job, this client is super-beautiful!!! Well, I have try compile the last version of the source of apexdc (without nothig modding) and i have use wtl_mod and stlport bm (and i compile stlport without error) and i have compiled without error apexdc.exe/apexdc.pdb BUT... 1) Before starting my apexdc (my compiled) would the file: stlport.5.2.dll and so i get it by directory of stlport\bin and the client start ok. -> WHY IN YOUR APEXDC.EXE THE FILE STLPORT.5.2.DLL IS NOT DEMANDED? 2) Very Often my apexdc.exe (my compliled) on start crash but when start without crash i haven't problem never--> WHY MY COMPILED CRASH ON START IF I DON'T CHANGE NOTHING IN YOUR CODE? (apexdc source is original) Please help me, i have alway compiled my client from dc++ to reverse connect and now i would compiled this. Thanks. Sorry for my english.