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  1. I cannot Download

    BTW, do I need to choose TCP, UDP and TLS manually? I'm not sure what they are :)
  2. I cannot Download

    I tried all three possibles options (1-direct connection, 2-firewall with manual port forwarding and 3-firwall(passive, worst case)). None of them works, meaning that I still can not get the file list from any user at any given hub. Is there a particular set of settings I should be using? I had been using DC++ since 2003 and after that apexdc and never had a problem with them, but they all were in XP and now I'm using windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Kurt
  3. I cannot Download

    Hi; I tried what you suggested to Aneeroodh as well, I tried restarting the PC after installation and before running the program for the first time, still I have the same problem, the program runs fine, and I can download the hublist and connect to each hub, but no download, not even getting a file list from a user is possible, any recommendations? Cheers Kurt