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  1. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Hi Lee, I'm back again with filesharing and want to ask you if you can give me access to the mac version. Btw: Even I'm not a programmer if you need support for german language version, I will help.
  2. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Hi Lee, could you please send me an invite too? Thanks!
  3. My ideas for the next version

    [strg] + [W] as shortcut for closing tabs like in Firefox (or Flylink) would be nice :)
  4. My ideas for the next version

    Hey, that sounds good @ Lee. :)
  5. My ideas for the next version

    Hi Lee, thank you for answering. To point 1: Ah, good to know! Could you give me please a summery of ADCS-using hub software? To point 2: That's right. The thing is only, that in some anarchy (non-private) -hubs the most user just wanna leeching and have zero or less knowhow (even to use google^^) for set off segmented downloading. So it's not an special problem of ApexDC++. To point 5: Sorry, my english is too crappy. What you mean with that? A reason why I ask you for an implementation is, that in past I wanted to block some IPs of leechers in Win7-FW / Comodo-FW or PeerBlock but it doesn't work! Even now. That's silly. Can you or anyone else please tell me why that doesn't work and maybe help fixxing this problem? (btw: I'm using Win7 x64) --- Maybe the problem couldn't solved if I ban just the IP of the leeching user? ------------------------- Hi Mek, thank you for answering too. To point 1: OK. Waiting... To point 2: Did I understand correctly that too fast speed access is not good for the HDD? To point 6: Problem solved even I forgotten how i did it^^. To point 7: OK, thank you for the information.
  6. My ideas for the next version

    Hi. I'm using the wonderful ApexDC++ client for the last two years. So i wanna tell you now, what ideas i have got, even if I'm not a programmer, just a musician. 1. Is it possible to migrate OpenSSL in the next version and set up encrypted file transfer as default? I think it's a wish of many users to down- and upload more secure in a encrypted way. There are just a minimum of users which using the encryption. We should make it more easier to activate encrypted file transfer. The ISP doesn't need to get too much informations. Maybe there's another way to make it working without setting ports in the router? 2. In some (good) hubs, not in those chaos ones, segmented downloading is forbidden and not wished. Can this option be turned off by default? 3. If my internet connection break down, some hubs does auto-reconnect very late, so maybe it's good to setup the time auto-reconnect in the settings. What you think about this idea? 4. I want that the userlist table got always the same size in every hub. Possible? Maybe it's possible to put on / off this option in the settings. 5. A migration of PeerBlock *which works* would be fine. 6. Is it possible to read the messages of the main chat without getting the hub tabs font in fat style? 7. When I'm connected in more than 2 hubs, sometimes there is downloading a user from me who is inside in more than 2 hubs. Is it possible that they could download from me only from one hub? What you think about these ideas?
  7. Länder der User im Hub anzeigen

  8. Länder der User im Hub anzeigen

    Hallo! Ist es möglich, anhand der IP-Adressen (Geo-IP-Datenbank) das Land der User nach Verbinden eines Hubs sofort anzuzeigen? Ich suche nach Gleichgesinnten aus meiner Region bzw. möchte Menschen bestimmter Länder kennenlernen.
  9. TLS / PeerGuardian aktivieren

    Hallo! Ich habe lediglich zwei Fragen. Zum einen suche ich die PeerGuardian-Settings in ApexDC++ v.1.31. Zum zweiten würde ich gerne TLS aktivieren. Ich weiß aber nicht, welchen Port ich setzen bzw. dies aktivieren soll. Weiß jemand Rat? Danke! :)
  10. Possible to kick / bann user?

    OK, understanding. But i think it's not ok that i can't decide which ip's (and which ones not) can connect to my hd.
  11. Possible to set different folder for every hub?

    Is it planned to build in this function in future?
  12. Is it possible (in future) to set different shared folder for each hub alone? Example: I want to share my folder x only for hub x. And i want to share my folder y for hub y.
  13. Possible to kick / bann user?

    Hi there! At first i want to say big thanks for the programming of the great ApexDC++! I have a question: Is it possible to bann / kick some user (better said leecher). I wanna control who download from me and there are too many leecher which download and don't upload stuff. Thanks in advance!