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  1. :thumbsup: That`s a good one .Unfortunetly it`s hard to find people to help his project. I tried for 10 years to convice Microsoft to adopt my multilinguage oparating sistem,and all they manage to do is a lauzy unilnguage interface, a translation program that most of thr time it doesn`t work ,and also speach recognition progran that works just for a few languges ,and just fot 20% of their capacity

  2. :thumbsup: Maybe you can add someting to this request -automatic search ( the ability to search for an item when you lanch the program , every 1-60 minutes or when a user enters a hub you are in ). The program should open a window when it finds a match for an item in the permanent search list .It should permit at will , to automaticly download the item to the folder indicated at search introduction .It also could ofer the posibility to selectivly delete items from the permanent search list when you want.

  3. ;) I`d love this feature if it wasn`t uslles for 99% of w.w. users and I wouldn`t search suppot for my own one . Download/upload speed depends on everything (HDD`s, CPU`s, Cache memory,switches, servers, internet conection , setings , etc). Not everyone has intel C2D QX with 16-32 MB cache , and HDD SATA 2 with 16 MB cache and a gigabite network.Suport my UTSFile /UTSProtocol andyou will have your transfers made in 1 second on your gigabite network .

  4. I`d like to propose to you the fllowing major improvments on Apexdc++

    1.Dedicated sharing folder for Apedc+++

    2.Shared automatic compresor / decompresor

    3.Shared multilingual automatic translator

    4.Shared speech recognision program and writing as you talk

    5 Search tool for all hubs on the net , and extended data base of all hubs

    6 Unlimited hub opening and one window for chat and user list presentation

    7.Colored intermitent popups for private messages

    8.Links to YM , MSM M, GM messengers