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  1. Get file list error

    Getting the same error, downloads, opens and then closes. What you can do after that is to right click on the user in the userlist and select "Browse File List". This then opens the previously unavailable file list.
  2. can't search (yes I have read the guide)

    I am running in passive mode and was able to search in v1.2.2, after upgrade to 1.3 I am unable to search though I will get random file hits from a specific user. (Come to think of it I think he was running 1.3 as well so I will check again) Virtually all the users on my hub are running pre 1.3 and this is starting to look like a compatibility problem, any advice?
  3. Translators needed

    I can also help with Afrikaans, it is a South African language by the way t3rminatr <at> gmail <.> com