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  1. Salut Cyril, j'ai déjà traduit Apex en français. Tu trouveras le fichier ici.
  2. Ask about Balloon Popups

    Hi Crise and others, I put my files on my web site where you can download it, please. Clic here to visit home page and download "ApexDC_0.2.2_french.rar". Thanks to let me know if you had good reception of the file. :)
  3. Ask about Balloon Popups

    Yes, I would like to but the rar file weighs 1,17 MB while I've got less than 500k availabled on my forum control panel. So... To answer to big muscle I'd say that I'm discussing with a developer and doing open suggestions. I don't release an ApexDC++ mod to anyone. I wouldn't be able to do it anyway. I'm not a developer or coder :pinch:
  4. Ask about Balloon Popups

    Hi Crise I've worked a little (a lot in fact) about Apex appearence & translation. I can't give you the strings that run "out of room". So I wish you could use & exploit my attachment. See my translation here in the bottom of the page. This could be useful to see what strings run out (especially in the settings dialog controls). By using it you will see that some strings are not tranlated in some options because they don't exist in "EN_Example.xml" yet. I noticed the french strings are displayed good in the balloon window popup if I set 8 for the text style size. Didn't work good because I've set 12 that I prefer. However I noticed a box display problem in french even in 8 font size. See image below (under the mouse):][/url://" />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url://; />[/url] It would be nice to increase "### GB/Users" display that appears below the hub user list too Finally I would like to send you the "ApexDC.exe" changed with reshack. I don't have msn but you can give me your mail... All the settings dialogs controls & its contents are rearrange to fit with french strings and majority of the other languages I'm sure. I hope you will be able to see the changes code by decompiling or taking a look with reshack to copy the dialog codes. I hope this settings to display a better appearence in majority of the languages will be set per default in the future release :pinch: . Indeed, I will not have courage to set all the dialogs with reshack again for each future release :(
  5. Ask about Balloon Popups

    Ok ! I take care of it. I will post a changed "ApecDC.exe" with reshack. I don't know if this solution can be exploited but I'm not able to do it with the source file. I'm not a coder at all. Nevertheless will it be usefull to sent it you? :)
  6. ApexDC++ Translations

    Hi, Here is my french translation for ApexDC++ 1.0.0B4 (works with previous version too) If you can make improvement or correction, thanks to let me know. Some sentences are not well displayed in some dialog contols and window popup (systray notification). I can't improve this. French strings are narrowed to the maximum. FRENCH.lng.v1.xml
  7. Hi, It will be great if the user was able to change some popup parameters like size, font, color... I saw that McDC++ client has a popups theme feature. It's not the goal of my request. Just able to customise more the window popup feature would be great :)
  8. Ask about Balloon Popups

    Ok. Thanks Crise. I'm gonna tranlate "EN_example.xml" in french. Maybe I wrong but it seems to me that if the general dialog controls size is like this for the settings "width=310, height=258" and if we rearrange a little the content of every settings in consequence to fit the new size, it will be easier to translate in the most of languages. There will be more space too in the settings.
  9. Ask about Balloon Popups

    Hi, I downloaded ApexDC++ 0.2.2 yesterday to try it & compare with the official DC++. I'm impressive. It's a excellent work for a start. As I am french, I first translated Apex based on the 0.2.1 italian version. Then I've downloaded the source files in order to find an english sample version up to date. I will look for inside tomorrow! But what file in the source may be a good sample? Until now, by translating, I had to modify "ApexDC.exe" with Resource Hacker to make changes on dialog box & buttons size. I managed to get a good result by adapting the appearence for french strings. It was a big long work with lots of tests. However, with reshack it's impossible to modify the balloon popup. I've to increase the windows popup because of french strings that are not well displayed. I'm a newbie for changes & compilation programms. If somebody can give me some help. I would like to post a real & beautifull french version of Apex soon :)