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  1. alternate nickname

    It would be nice if Apex would use an alternate nickname if the original was already taken.
  2. Ability to easily add recently downloaded locations to favorite download locations.
  3. If you select get file list from the menu when you right click the user it will get all of the folders.
  4. Still wondering about the selecting hub via command line also.
  5. None of my mapped network drives show up in the file list where you select what to share. Also when I try to browse for the default download location the Mapped Network Drive does not show up as an option. If I go into windows explorer the Mapped Network Drive appears just fine as drive Z. I am running Windows 7 32-bit.
  6. Can you add a way to reorder the favorite download locations other than by removing and readding them?
  7. Run ApexDC through Proxy

    Any ideas how I can get an incoming connection to work in direct connect mode? I tried proxifier but it only works in passive mode.
  8. WebUI

    How about a WebUI that allows you to control ApexDC++ from another computer using a web page?
  9. Is there a way that I can tell ApexDC++ what hub to connect to based on a startup command line?
  10. Run ApexDC through Proxy

    How can I run ApexDC through a proxy?
  11. File Already in Share

    But for the even super idiots if they download it again, it doesn't download it from themself but rather other users.
  12. File Preview

  13. If a file is already in the users share and they try to download it again warn them and if they still want to download it again (and they have selected a different folder to download to) treat it as a file copy operation/download it from themself.
  14. File Preview

    How about a file preview feature? I know that for example VLC can play a partially downloaded file so how about a right-click menu option for "Preview file" or something along those lines. Again many of the torrent clients do this...
  15. Gotta make money some how.