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  1. ASCII

    hi Developers, after the update to the ApexDC++_1.5.13 the sorting in userlist of my operators and administrators is changed: before the update: ((_Ãdmîñ¯))~ ((_Õþ¯))~ after the update: ((_Õþ¯))~ ((_Ãdmîñ¯))~ this is a minor problem but i like the orderliness.
  2. media players plugin !

    thanks a lot. :)
  3. media players plugin !

    Hi there... For first, thanks for development of Apex. But the 1.5.4 mediaplayer plugin doesn't recognizes my itunes ... It says " supported version of itunes is not running " Works in progress or..?
  4. that's a sin.. thanks anyway..
  5. why does not update none clientlist on my Apex 1.3.6 ?
  6. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.2

    none client profiles.xml's update links wich i've tryed on the 1.3.2 version does not works... anyone can help me? cheers
  7. New update links for AML

    Client profiles download Failed. Connection Closed ... :c tested every 4 links
  8. ApexDC++ smashes 6 million downloads

    ..So happy birthday to ApexDC !!!!! !!!!! every ban for fake client wich i'll do, will be motivated: "Change your DC++ Version @ ! ;-)
  9. Plugins for ApexDC++

    i've updated the 1.3.0 (x86-64) version of apexdc++ and the plugins pack posted on this page by Lee. On my notebook runs windows 7 and it is a 64 bit OS. Thanks for your reply :)
  10. Plugins for ApexDC++

    when i click on Istall to add the plugins Apex stops to work :huh: