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  1. LUA setListener to chat broken?

    Thank you for looking into it. taco
  2. LUA setListener to chat broken?

    Does not work at all. No error it just doesn't do anything. Pms still work fine but chat does nothing. I thought it might have been something wrong with my previously working script so I tried the bier script included with the older versions of the plugin and that did not work, no error, just didn't work. Thanks, taco edit1: I should also indicated that I'm using the x86 versions of apex and lua plugin. edit2: I installed the x64 versions of both and still experiencing the same issue.
  3. LUA setListener to chat broken?

    After updating to Apex 1.3.0 and installing the luaplugin posted by Lee it appears that dcpp:setListener on "chat" no longer works. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? And is there a fix? Thank you, taco