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  1. How to upgrade ApexDC++ without losing data

    Sign me in too. Auto-update feature is better IMO.
  2. Settings and logs folders at desktop

    Oh I get it. I had this version long time ago. I've downloaded original ApexDC and unzip it to old folder from this NWM version. And i don't change dir name :)
  3. Settings and logs folders at desktop

    Are you talking to me? I am using original ApexDC 1.2.2 downloaded from main page if you want to know.
  4. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.2

    The best thing in ApexDC is that this version hasn't some kind of bug or something else which is on StrongDC++ 2.30. When I or somebody on my academic network was using this version of StrongDC, after a few minutes stayed completely detached from the network. And so every few minutes for the round. But ApexDC works fine and I recommend it to all users. Great job!
  5. Settings and logs folders at desktop

    I think you missed something. Settings -> Avanced -> Logs Screen:
  6. Automatic backup of Favorites.xml

    Maybe you should start saving money for new Power Supply :)
  7. Message i get in the hub

    Read it and try.
  8. I cannot Download

    So, try to move whole apexDC directory to other disk/partition and then run.
  9. I cannot Download

    Passiv mode?
  10. Download Problem

  11. I cannot Download

    Did you tray to enter your IP to the box in connection settings: