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    I co-admin our hub with pR0Ps. Here's a proposal for how we can meet the goals of both sides: ApexDC++ Goal: Get users to their download page Hub Goal: Make the install process as easy as possible for the users. The best way to make the install process easy is for the installer and configuration file to be bundled together in one download (i.e. zip archive). The installer would automatically search for a configuration file in the same directory when launched. It then prompts the user if it should use the file, defaulting to Yes. The problem with bundling a configuration file and installer is that it would be impractical for ApexDC++ to host many different packages with install files. An alternative to that, having each hub host their own package, doesn't get users to ApexDC++'s download page. Here's a method that would fulfill the goals of both parties: The ApexDC++ download page would accept a GET variable, allowing hubs linking to the download page to specify their particular installer/config package (through a number or short name). The download links on the page would then be altered to pre-approved URLs pointing to the installer/config packages hosted by that hub. There could be some visual indication that the user is downloading a hub-specific version (text or logo), but it's not necessary. The approval process could work in many ways, one such way could be approving a particular folder on the hub's website as a download directory, the ApexDC++ download page would then append a standard file name onto the folder path to complete the URL.