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  1. [1.2.1] Process still running

    That seems to have fixed both issues. Thanks!
  2. [1.2.1] Process still running

    Confirmed same issue occurs on same computer with XP (I dualboot ) BUT, it saves the custom hublists on XP. I forgot to mention that UAC is disabled on Windows 7.
  3. [1.2.1] Process still running

    Hi, I've just downloaded Apex DC++ 1.2.1 and now every time I close the application the process still runs in the background. I discovered this by later trying to run it again, but it said that there was already an instance of the program running. Also, it doesn't save custom public hublists and can't connect to any of the ones that come standard with the program. I am running Windows 7 build 7137. I will try the program on XP SP3 and report if I have the same issue.