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  1. ApexDC++ smashes 6 million downloads

    Congratulations to all. All the best.
  2. Sudden Speed problem

    Well I am accessing just one hub and as I said other users are getting normal speeds of 5-10MBps and none of the troubleshooting methods worked.....will try from another PC and see
  3. Sudden Speed problem

    No office or Univ....Home LAN.......can it be a prolem wid the hub as I noticed the same prob wid strong dc as well I tried re-installing the Ethernet adapters. The last time I had faced this problem was under Vista, but after I upgraded to Windows 7, the problem wasnt there anymore.......now all of a sudden again the same problem. And the other users seem to be getting normal speeds as usual both DL/UP except for me..............
  4. Sudden Speed problem

    Just about a month ago this particular problem started and I just cannot seem to figure out the problem. The download speeds I used to get on a locally hosted hub was anywhere between 2-10MBps. Now I get speeds of 7-65Kbps fluctuating from all the users on the hub(Same users as before) however the upload speeds to them is unaffected..still goes upto 10MBps and sometimes 35MBps for some users. Here's my system specs Have tried reinstalling the app after doing a complete uninstall even the settings. Need some help here. Thanks.