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  1. Active Versus Passive Connections

    Learn somethin' new in here every hour!
  2. Active Versus Passive Connections

    Thanks very much for all the excellent info. I made the changes you recommended. Only one item, the first one, actually needed changing; the other two were correctly set. Time will tell if a difference was made, but I've no doubt about it. Since everything else seems to be working just as it should, my main interest is accessibility, or ease thereof. So far, the only two issues I've found are the ones I reported about--that being, the TAB key navigation skipping the search results list in the search pane and the area at the bottom of the screen showing file transfer activity on the main screen. I can't think of how or why this would have been omitted, so I can only think it was a minor oversight when setting up the next navigation pointer on the screen. I've encountered situations exactly like this before, and it's always turned out to be just this way--the pointer for next navigation had not been updated to include the new window control ID or whatever it is that indicates next window in a list of TAB-able windows. Now, for my next trick, and this has absolutely nothing to do with support, is to get everybody in the world to standardize on filenames so the TTH system will work when trying to find alternate download sources! :whistling:
  3. Active Versus Passive Connections

    Thanks, Toast, that reference guide was *the best*! I learned how to set up UPnP, upgraded my router's firmware, obtained and ran the tester program, everything's good. Now, I just wish my connections would stop dropping so easily.
  4. Accessibility Considerations

    OK, that all sounds wonderful. What should I do then? Repost this message in a different forum? Whatever I need to do, I have no trouble doing it, just let me know the best way to go. Thanks in advance.
  5. Active Versus Passive Connections

    If I set myself up in passive mode behind a hardware firewall/router, does this mean I cannot download from active users, or can I download from both active and passive users? Also, after following the directions absolutely 100% perfectly for setting up an active connection, even after placing the machine running Apex DC++ in the DMZ, I canneither download nor search. I had to set myself up in passive mode but I think I'm limiting myself there. Have I got this wrong? (probably). Thanks in advance.
  6. Accessibility Considerations

    I'm a totally blind user and financial supporter of Apex because I think it's a fine piece of work from not only a functional but also an accessibility standpoint. However, there are a few improvements I'd like to suggest--a few things that maybe the developers and implementers thought about but didn't bother with for one reason or another. First and foremost of these is the ability to access the other panes on the main screen and the search results list with the TAB key, rather than having to actually click in those windows to change focus. Why doesn't TAB navigation take you through all available panes? I don't know. Seems silly not to include that one extra pane on each window in the list of TAB-navigable panes. And will somebody please explain to me what the purpose of the combo box with the thirteen items in it referring to a user record is for on the main screen? The read-only area I get. The userlist I get. The edit field I get. But what's that other stuff for? And finally, how about a way to download a file list from another user and not necessarily open it immediately upon receipt? I may not want to read it now, I may be in the middle of something else, and along comes this huge file list wanting to open up, and my machine just slo-o-o-ows do-o-o-own until the file opens. Thanks in advance for reading this. I hope some good discussion will come out of this message.
  7. Files won't share on NAS drive

    I can address my Synology Cubestation either through My Network Places or as a mapped drive in My Computer, but no matter which way I choose and no matter which items I check in the tree view, no files will share and no hashing will be performed. This topic is not covered in the guides I have seen so far, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.