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  1. ApexDC++ smashes 6 million downloads

    Well, yay... B)
  2. Lua Plugin 2.00

    I used the plug-in from this thread's first post obviously... Now the files from the other thread you linked work however.
  3. Lua Plugin 2.00

    Got only one thing to say: Error Loading LuaPlugin.dll: %1 is not a valid Win32 application. //ADC 1.3.1 x32
  4. Message block/ignore

    1. I don't know how to get said script to run. Something is not really working right(I don't have any startup.lua and even when I create it I don't see any changes). And I really didn't see any possibility for pattern matching in the script. 2. Why not add this functionality natively to the program, just like the "Ignore users" field in the "Misc" category, only it should be "Ignore messages". I can see by the checkbox in that very same field that there is already a regex engine implemented, so it should really be fairly trivial to add.
  5. Suggested Search Tab buttons new order

    Not really, people will just complain out of habit(we are creatures of habit if anything). Change is hard and they will have accustomed to the old design and will be reluctant to try out the new one. They're gonna go "Ooh, where's my search bar" or "Meh, now this is here instead of there and I have to move the mouse an extra 10 pixels..." or something of that notion. So a checkbox is a good idea. Yet a better idea is to make it dockable to wherever you wish like the Windows Taskbar.
  6. Message block/ignore

    I was thinking - wouldn't it be great if there were an option to block the message/user if the message itself said/contained this or that? This would help against all the annoying ads, spam and other crap bots try to stick us with. And some of them are annoyingly persistent. Now, this may have been suggested before - but here's the twist: Include also pattern matching, a.k.a. regular expressions so we can actually battle said spam on equal footing.