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  1. Upgrades to the Plugin API

    Sweet sounds good, any ideas how far this is away?
  2. Upgrades to the Plugin API

    Crises you mentioned in a previous thread that the API is scheduled to be upgraded for the next release of Apex, I was just wondering if you know when this is going to happen? And is it going to be days, weeks or months? Cheers, Dave
  3. Plugin disappears on restart

    My server currently runs Apex, but I have to remote desktop to it each time I want to add new downloads, which is annoying. Also my room mate wants to use it as well and I don't want to give him the admin password and control over the server. Therefore the server plugin would just read in hash and file names through a custom socket and then add the downloads to the server download queue. The client would also run Apex (could be extended to a webpage), which would act as normal, where if you want to pawn a file off over to the server (like the huge 5GB+ ones) then a simple text command or button would execute this. The plugin then communicates over the custom socket sending the hash, file name and other info of the download, finally it removes the download from the queue so that it doesn't get downloaded twice. Now I can do all of this, but the problem is the server isn't downloading new filelists, so it can't find where to download the files in the queue.
  4. Plugin disappears on restart

    In regards to the getObjectInfo, I don't fully understand how it can be used. Can you give a quick example? The functionality that I am trying to get is to perform user actions remotely, ie get all file lists of users and browse them remotely to add and remove downloads, Is this something that the current API can do? As I'm finding it a little hard to do so far, but I have only just started looking at the API and client code. I will probably have more questions and more discussion, should we create a new thread for this?
  5. Plugin disappears on restart

    Yeh as soon as its finished or semi finished, its all messy at the moment. In short its a client and server plugin which I need for my WHS pc. It allows you to browse downloads on the client, start them on the client, then send them to the server (of course only works on ur private lan) to finish off. I've been trying to work out how to easily auto download file lists (and then match) of all users on the hub (this is on the server), anyone got any ideas for this?
  6. Plugin disappears on restart

    You're a legend cheers, I thought I was something simple like that. By changes, do you mean extensions to the API or complete overhaul (ie will it be backwards compatible)? Cos there was some functionality that I needed which I just hacked in, such as removing from the download queue and a better add to download queue. Edit: Just thought I would add, good job on the plugin API, it was really easy to use, setup and get working.
  7. Plugin disappears on restart

    Hey everyone, quick question.... I'm developing a plugin, which is working all good, but it keeps disappearing when the application restarts and I have to manually load in the dll again. Anyone got any ideas on what could be causing this? This also happens on the sample plugins as well. Dave
  8. Compiling ApexDC++

    I got it working, its amazing what a little bit of sleep will do to you. Now to start working on my plugin. I'll post back in the forum with details of the plugin once its going incase anyone else is interested in it.
  9. Compiling ApexDC++

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to compiler ApexDC++ but have not had any such luck. Now I'm only trying to compiler it so that I can write a plugin for my WHS system, so I'm only after the PluginAPI-Debug.lib and PluginAPI-Release.lib files. So I'm wondering if anyone can just send them to me it would be great. In regards to the compiling, I think it may be due that I'm running windows 7 with VS2008, is anyone else running and successfully compiling with these versions? If so what versions of stlport and wtl are you using? as the compiling errors are coming from stlport. Cheers, Dave