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  1. Problems with active mode

    you need to have three ports forwarded, one TCP, one UDP and a third TCP and that number you should put in the TLS box.
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    For those that does not know it, The message "Someone is trying to use your client to spam ..."etc is there for YOUR protection, it tells YOU that a hub YOU are in are insecure and that it is allowing its users be used for attacking others on the internet. Its as simple as that. Removing the warning is simple - but do you really want it removed? /d
  3. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    apex get the correct ip on startup (using version.php information i guess), its just when using the get ip button its not correct (for us that are behind a router).
  4. question about hub name on tabs

    version ApexDC++ 1.2.0b When playing around with a small script I noticed a behaviour that I do not know if its correct or not, it sure was ugly though When I set "UseFavNames"Use details in favorites to identify hubs" to enabled i get the same string for hub:getHubname() but if its unset I get the proper string. is this a bug or the intended behaviour. (i hope its a bug :blushing: ) I was connected to dc dev public and it was there I noticed it as they have a very long title
  5. Speed Limiter seems to limit speed not right

    have you read this on the limiter tab ? * If upload limit is set, download limit is max 7 x upload limit! * Minimal upload limit is set to 5 x slots + 4! You are sure this does not apply to your settings?
  6. version ApexDC++ 1.2.0B When first using the menu item "Always on top" the behaviour is the opposite of the menu state. After restarting the client the behaviour matches the menu state.
  7. Nu finns det svensk översättning för ApexDC++ version 1.2.0B http://endator.googlepages.com/ApexDC_1.2.0B_Swedish.xml http://endator.googlepages.com/translations mvh/ 1d
  8. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    andyevil , the lua plugin is a way of running lua scripts in the client. If you do not load any scripts - there will not be any difference.
  9. ApexDC++ Translations

    Nice, I noticed the changed behaviour, but I didnt associate it with that setting Ahh, this I like too (and I too have difficulties coming up with a nice short string for this). and swedish translation attached Swedish_ApexDC___1.2.0B_Rev_1.xml Also avaliable on http://endator.googlepages.com/translations regards /d
  10. ApexDC++ Translations

    what does these two lines mean? 954 <String Name="SettingsState">Save settings window state</String> 1081 <String Name="MaxResizeLines">Max resize lines</String> I see them in settings but I can't understand what they do
  11. Of course its possible to implement, whether a developer will value it high enough to actually do something about it is another matter. ;)
  12. the answer isnt to hard so i dont know why no one has answered (me I cant remember seeing the post before so I got no defence for myself) The client is still trying to download the file from the user you added the file from, that has not changed as far as I can tell. What it does however and that is what you are seing is that it is also making a search for that TTH and downloading a partial filelist from every client that supports that, and adding every hit as a source (the search is not logged though). This behaviour you can disable in settings / queue / "Automatically search for alternative TTH source every x minutes". Uncheck that and the client will no longer search for files that you have added in your dl queue.
  13. Its just that everybody should know by now that no DC client will download duplicate files. (because its just a waste of everyones bandwith). Learn to live with it or set rules in your hub that will make it easier for users, thats my suggestion. (and again, sorry about the download skiplist mixup, the suggestion works but not in Apex yet).
  14. Freeze

    Not sure what to tell you, except for the usual stuff, check your pc for virus/trojans. And dont force your dc client to do more than your pc can handle. If you start to see issues like this, restart the client and do /rebuild, it will rebuild your hash data if anything got corrupted. Also temporarily removing your ADLsearch.xml (if you use one) as this can also be a reason for strange behaviour.
  15. we do BM, but we download first :)
  16. I can imagine that can be a pain, i cant imagine doing it tho, but that's different matter I dont have any good suggestions right now that I could see as a working solution. Unless you cant download whole folders from ppl instead of just loads of files? If their folders have different names it will work.
  17. damn you are correct. I was so sure Apex has skiplist for downloads, gues I mix up what client has which features Sorry, then im out of suggestions right now
  18. Cool, now I understand you much better Unless there is a bug somewhere ApexDC++ should not add a file to the queue with the same name as an already existing filename (this applies to both filenames in the queue and in the final download location). Apex should issue error messages like : A file with the same hash already exists in your share A file with diffent tth root already exists in the queue A file of equal or larger size already exists at the target location So if you want to download multiple files with the same name, at the moment you must save them to different folders
  19. Because the TTH is the same, it will just not add the second file to the download queue, and the priority settings only apply to things in the queue (what you could do is to add *.bup to your skip list, then manually copy the ifo's to bups when the downloads is finished).
  20. saving what files? where? why? etc... (or , can you please give some more information about your issue so that its possible to understand what you are talking about )
  21. WV files get high priority

    There can be at least three explanations to files changing priority, all of them are located on the Queue tab in settings. 1) Use Auto Priority by default, is checked 2) The boxes on the top of that tab with size settings are set. 3) File name matches any of the strings set in either of the two boxes for highest or low
  22. NTFS File Symlinks make the indexer lock up

    if you set Apex to user the old sharing user interface ( its somewhere in setting, dont remember where right now) it makes it a bit easier to see what is shared where.
  23. NTFS File Symlinks make the indexer lock up

    You can use the builtin function in apex to add things into one virtual folder by giving shares the same name.
  24. External hosting of server

    and passive users cant connect to other passive users .... So while your strategy would work for the hub, the clients will not benefit from it.
  25. Serbian langage plug in

    in settings / appearence there is the option to load a language file, just browse to it and add it here , then restart your client and apex should be (mostly) translated in your choosen language.