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  1. "Search for Alternates" not working

    the 5 hours thingy (or 50 minutes i think is more correct) is a bug. It occurs when you manually searches too often. If you make sure you dont do searches more ofhten than is set in settings it should not appear like that. (I dont know where the bug comes from, but i have seen it too, in earlier version there were a messae "waiting for xxx seconds before searching" now instead this weird time scale for searching has appeared).
  2. queues lost

    Something is seriously wrong, thats for sure. Nothing of what you see is normal. Every setting should be kept between restarts, thats for sure. So either something is stoping the client from saving the files, or something is removing/corrupting them between runs. I have no idea what it could be except the usual spyware/virii checks Also make sure that you actually have full access to the folder where Apex is saving its settings (xml-files)
  3. Downloading from non-hashing client

    somehow i feel quite out of snappy answers today. just give the stoneage man his club back and let the rest of us go on with our business. (dc++ 0.306 was released jan 9 2004, would anyone use a antivirus program that is over four years old? or go back to netscape 2 ?)
  4. Files downloaded but doesn't display

    check your apex temp folder, if they are indeed downloaded, they should be either in your temp folder or in the target folder
  5. No search results shown

    if you dont get any search results back it can only be because one ore more of these three reasons 1) the string you search for has no match 2) your search is blocked by the hub 3) your do not forward your udp port correctly or its blocked by your own firewall. of those i'd say number 3 is the most likely
  6. Spam Filter in PM's

    Yes, its looking very good Think i'll keep an eye on this thread, looks like this will be very useful
  7. search queue

    Of cource it is possible, the function already exists in other clients.
  8. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    yes, as far as I can tell, all scripts that work in last versions of rsx and bcdc works in apex too (some small modifications might be needed depending on what startup.lua you are using)
  9. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    look in function createAdcHub( hubid ) and createNmdcHub( hubid )
  10. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    There are some scripts included with the client, the startup.lua will give you many hints, and most of the others are good for education as well.
  11. Unable to connect with router

    I think you are using the wrong section in your router settings, to me it sounds like you are using a port trigger setup, that usually doesnt work with dc. Instead look if you have something called virtual server or similar where you setup one port at a time. Ther eyou should be able to set a port, a protocol and what internal ip to redirect it to.
  12. Partial downloading of filelists

    what you do now is using "browse file list", instead you should use "get file list" there is also a setting (advanced / experts only, last dox on that tab) which control what is the default behaviour.
  13. LUA error attempt to call a table value

    my guess is that the script is for an earlier version of lua and that is what is causing the issue, include the intire function or give us a link to the script and someone will be able to help more
  14. Not enough space on NTFS partition

    Please check that your temporary download location is not full. The message can be caused by either the target folder or the temp folder, but its most likely the temporary download folder that is full.
  15. ApexDC for external HDDs

    just remember, if you make the DCPlusPlus.xml files readonly - it will NOT save any changes you do to settings, so you must remember to unlock it when you make changes, else they will be lost after a client restart. And - this issue can be solved, you can take my word for it :thumbsup:
  16. Windows 7 Beta

    as a reporter in a computer magazine once wrote "If you want free ram, take it out and nail it to the wall". Free ram is just unused resources. But its very nice to hear that WSe7en having much better memory management, I sure could use that :)
  17. error creating magnet registry key

    in cases like this it would be nice if you included things like your OS and version, but actually in this case it might not matter. When you did a system recovery your user id has changed, you need to take ownership of the folder where apex is located, if you are on vista you need to add apex to allowed exeptions again etc.
  18. ApexDC takes ages to start

    i have three, first try the /rebuild command in your client, it will rebuild you hash data files and should make them smaller if they have old data in them, second - defrag your harddrive(s) third - if your drives are ide, make sure they are not in PIO mode, they should be in DMA or UDMA mode.
  19. Spam Filter in PM's

    its the format of the favorite xml that has changed since that script was written, i'll have a quick look to see if i can make something out of it
  20. TLS Problem

    The TLS port is just another TCP port, so what you have to do is forward a second tcp port and put that portnumber into the tls box. If you have trouble getting that to work you can disable tls all togheter on the security tab in settings.
  21. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    Patch you should look into the scripts folder, there is one called ignore.lua, maybe that does what you want
  22. Downloading

    anything in here that could help? http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=3108
  23. download

    it sounds odd that it happened when you upgraded to a new client. Ordinarily I would suggest that you check this three things: * look in task manager so that you only have one apex client running * look in windows firewall settings and make sure that there is a rule for your new apex, and that it is checked (and you should do this even if you have windows firewall disabled) * verify your port mappings, if you are behind a router please make sure the settings are still correct. but if this is connected with using a new client it might not be the correct advice, still might be a good start
  24. Problems with active mode

    you still have a problem with your ports, if you do not get search results then your udp port isnt correctly forwarded
  25. error hashing

    for one thing, this isnt ftp and even ftp has a limited path length even if it largely depends on host and client implementation. is the path longer than 255 characters? at least that long should the client be able to handle.