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  1. Tab handling

    I noticed that u put tab handling in included features... I was just wandering does that include posssibility to change HUB names on Tabs (like using description for them)... Most of HUBs do have unusual names and sometimes is rather difficult to know which is which... If I could use description to name tabs i could put names that are more familiar to me...
  2. User Download history

    oh i meant on what hub they were when they were Online.... 4 example i start download from some user, or from 2 users on different HUBs... then shutdown my comp.... and if its not some of my favorite HUBs with autolog on .... i dont know 2 wich HUB 2 connect.... it only says user offline.... i hope i explained better this time... maybe not. lol
  3. refreshing request

    That would need constant monitoring of the hashed folders....
  4. Search by file type

    How about 2 search by Extensions.... By the way in PWDC often it gives me results from Hub that i choose not 2 search... Can that be fixed
  5. Separate HASH

    Oh, oh.... And if U could make selective Hash 4 different HUBS & 2 block if something is offensive on one and not on the other ---i had a problem with football cheerleading songs .... Or 2 post Anime 4 one Hub, but MP3 4 other oe 4 instance....)
  6. TAB Close

    Oh, oh, and close button on every tab, or doubleclick 2 close tab...
  7. User Download history

    I would like if U could make possible that the client remmembers from what user Ur dowloading file even if they R not online... Manny times i forget from whom i started 2 download file... and we can check when was the last time that user visited HUB... so 2C is it possible its a dead link....