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  1. Memory leak?

    I spoke too soon ... problem is still there. I'll let you know if i find out any clues as to what could be causing this.
  2. Memory leak?

    i uninstalled, deleted any old directories, reinstalled, and the problem went away :)
  3. Memory leak?

    is there some way i can assist in tracking it down? clearly i can't keep 1.2.0 final running if it eats up all available memory after a week. i've asked around and searched the forums, and it seems this problem is particular to me, so it could just be a fluke with my system (xp sp2). I suppose i can use 1.1 in the meantime, which i was more than happy with btw!
  4. Memory leak?

    Looks like ApexDC.exe 1.2.0 keeps increasing it's Mem Usage over time. After 1 day, it's up to 175,000K. Last time I had to shut it down it was using 500,000K. Is this normal? Fwiw, it's not hashing or anything. I tried to upload a Task Manager screenshot, but it didn't work :)