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  1. Mac OS version

    Just signed in after a good while to suggest this too. I have a MacBook for school and it's my primary computer, so if a OS X version is possible, you guys should think about making it.
  2. InkyUK and Grogs Big Cookie :)

    So which one's Grogs?
  3. My Birthdays 2 days after that. :)
  4. How starting and adm a DcHub network

    Try the ynhub software and read this guide.
  5. Website updates

    Well, I originally just copied and pasted the text from the .psd Nas sent me. The only thing I changed was the text, but Lee decided it would look best without the boldness and drop-shadow. I still have the .psd if you guys want me to change it.
  6. Website updates

    Uhh...I deleted it. :)
  7. Website updates

    Bare in mind it is a temporary banner till Inkorp sends me the logo.
  8. Full foobar support

    Heh, I didn't know there was a new version out. All is well now, though...
  9. Full foobar support

    For some reason foo_winamp_spam doesn't work for me on the new latest Peerweb DC (0.41 I believe). EDIT: Seems to work now...didn't see the new version of it.
  10. Full foobar support

    The only player for audio I use is foobar. So I would like this, personally...
  11. IPB 2.1.5 and Update

    I personally don't think there's a need for it.
  12. Show us your desktop

    Simple for me = Less. Wallpapers and theme is pretty much nothing. Sure it's eye-candy, but I also complete the purpose of it being simple. ;)
  13. Show us your desktop

    Nah. Search for Y'z Dock.
  14. Show us your desktop

    You don't know simple till you've seen mine. New one of my notebook. Same theme but diffrent color, wallpaper, and icons.
  15. IPB 2.1.5 and Update

    Umm...if this is 2.1.5 how come it says 2.1.4 on the bottom?