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  1. Apex crashes when receiving a PM

    UPDATE: I've disabled balloon popups, and disabled all forms of logging, and it still crashes instantly 50% of the time when receiving a PM in a non-visible window. I can have a long PM conversation if that's the tab in focus. No replies from the dev team? UPDATE: Just did a -ban, which writes text in main chat, and it was fine. Followed with an -skick and instant crash. Closed/returned, did another -ban, visited main chat, returned to the security window, did the -skick, and no crash. Could be I visited main chat inbetween commands, could be a fresh launch of Apex. UPDATE: I've since moved Apex to the root of the drive [C:\Apex] and updated log and security paths so nothing points to the old location. It still hung after a -ban and -skick, but took a few seconds for Vista to white out the Apex window and report (not responding). Also of interest, it's using 90% of one CPU core after crashing, most of which is red I/O. According to network traffic, transfers are still running in the background while Apex is crashed. I can still move the Apex window around, but have to hit the big red X and "close program" and relaunch.
  2. Multi-segmented downloads will never start due to the automatic priority setting of "lowest". All users reported as "no slots available", yet their tag shows they all do. Changing the priority to something higher results in downloads starting from many users soon after.
  3. Apex crashes when receiving a PM

    Apex 1.2.0 final crashes sometimes (I'd say 30-40% of the time), but always when receiving a PM. I'm on op on one hub, and kickbanning a user from the admin panel sends a text to the main chat window announcing the ban, and that 2 out of 3 times will immediately crash Apex. I've been active for many days without receiving a PM and no crashes. Just now, it's happened several times in a row while chatting with 2 users. I'm running Vista x64, and have Apex installed to [C:\Internet\Apex 1.2.0b]. The crash is that Vista whites out the Apex window, and adds (not responding) to the title bar. I'm running other versions of DC++ from the same install folder (StrongDC & DC++) and don't have this problem with them, on the same hubs. What's odd is this only happens half the time, but always when receiving text in a non-active window. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. multi-selecting completed files

    You can't say "there's no reason to do it" when I just gave you a reason - one that many people I know use, and now miss. I can understand if it was an intentional decision to remove it, due to it being integrated into a new feature. Progress can be disappointing in some ways to some people. Perhaps if there were a way to log completed uploads and downloads, it would simply be a change of habit, but disappearing features suck. :)
  5. When multi-selecting a list of files to download from a single user in search results, using "download whole directory to", only the first file is downloaded. When multi-selecting a list of files to download from a single user in search results, using "download to", all files are downloaded. Other DC clients (StrongDC included) have this ability, therefore I assume it's a bug in Apex.
  6. Simple ergonomic feature request #2 - It would be nice to be able to multi-select listings in completed uploads/downloads for mass deletion from the list. This feature is present in other DC clients, and is handy for tracking specific file types when you would not want to clear the entire list (and have a large list, making one-at-a-time tedious).
  7. selectable tray icons

    Simple ergonomic feature request #1 - It would be nice to have the ability to change the tray icon (even select a different color of the Apex logo) for running multiple clients in cases where hubs restrict files being shared, so different shares per hub require multiple instances of Apex to run. Guessing by trial and error when restoring from the system tray can be frustrating.