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  1. latest version not working

    can somene please help. i have downloaded the latest version 1.2.1 and it does not work. It will not not save any settings or hub lists of favourites or any files that were queing. version 1.1.0 worked perfectly but i cannot run this any more because apex overides it by saying it is out of date. Am i doing something wrong or does anyone else have the same problems? please help as i am now totally frustrated.
  2. re hash files ? file not shared ?

    hi thanks for replying, I think i have sorted it now. but my main problem is now that when i exit and then return my favourite hubs and all of my downloads are not saved. any ideas
  3. re hash files ? file not shared ?

    hi can anyone help, I am being banned from certain hubs because i am told that my file list is not visible for sharing, but when i view my shared files folder in my settings I have checked the box to share. Do i need to rehash my files ? if so how do i do this ? If anyone can shed some light on my problem I would be gratful.