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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Final

    Ahhhh! now that's where the the solution lies 'Crise'... after reading the above reply I went back and checked on ApexDC.. your right "Get File List" and "Browse File List" do work differently... and rightly 'get file list' downloads the whole list..while 'browse file list' only downloads the main folders and the content is downloaded when you click the folder. (Right clicking on the user gives you both the option in the context menu) This is what has changed from previous stable version The reason why I was having this problem is because I was double-clicking the username to see thier list, in previous version double-clicking would invoke the 'get file list' function.. while in latest stable version (1.2) ..double-clicking invokes the 'browse file list' function. The solution Now, I just have to right-click on the username and select 'get file list' and it works like before ... Request of change in the future version would request you consider this change in upcoming version.. when somebody doubleclicks user name, ApexDC should invoke 'get file list' rather than 'browse file list' .... why? Because it's very intuitive user behavior to double click on the username to see their file list .. and 'rightclick>get file list' is not something anybody would think of unless person is testing the product.
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Final

    I am not too happy about one feature of the latest version - 1.2.0 final. In earlier versions when I downloaded the file list from a user, it would download the whole filelist at once.. and I could browse through the contents with speed. However, in the currently released version, when I download a file list it downloads the main folders, and upon clicking the folder the application connects to the user again and then downloads contents of the folder (this could take a lot of time... first, for the client to find the small slot and then the amount of data being downloaded)... is there a possible way to disable this..(am I missing something??). I definitely prefer the whole file list download as it is easier to browse through the content.. and I don't have to wait for contents to be loaded every time for each folder. I possiblly can understand that you'll are trying to reduce the file size and for filelist by applying this feature, but invariably it increases the load on the network as for each folder a download has to be initiated (and with many users this can be a multiplying factor). Most importantly, we use ApexDC on our WAN network across our city (since we are connected through one ISP), and it's more efficient for us to have the whole list in one call, as our speeds are really fast and the filelist downloads very quickly. BUT, in this version because a connection has to be initiated each time for every folder, I have definitely seen the overall usability fall Would request you guys at Apex to please allow this feature in future subversion's - maybe you could provide it as an option! Thanks