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  1. Released: 1.4.2... country flags are back!

    is it only me or there's something wrong with slim install's archive ?
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.1

    yeah, good news. 7zip is very great and unfortunately not very popular format. does last /r /w or /me message in main chat leaving in that bar just under the chat come from strongdc ?
  3. Alternate speed limit bug

    good idea, thanks :angry:
  4. Alternate speed limit bug

    it definately doesn't work on dbhub. yes, it's outdated and no longer supported, but works better than verli with much plugins. well, nevermind.
  5. Alternate speed limit bug

    logical it is, but it makes preventing users from using too low limits more difficult..
  6. Alternate speed limit bug

    limiter's value no longer included in tag ? it prevents hub from kicking users with too low limits, doesn't it ?
  7. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    why ? :)
  8. Error Message "Error saving hash data: Access denied"

    well, it's usual error, when you have non existing downloads folder (on removed storage or something). i have the same error now on remote pc, user has all rights, gonna try to solve it tomorrow.. Edit: done! there was f**kin norton internet security 2009 with ended trial period aggressively blocking access to some folders without no questions.
  9. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    i mean button with that function in media bar, like it was in apex 1.0.
  10. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    nice. button with "/w" function would be even better ;)