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  1. Virtual Directories

    Just like when building a directory list for an FTP server, you can create virtual directories, like if I had: C:\Music D:\Movies I can list the contents of both these folders in one virtual folder called "Music and Movies" for example. This feature would do wonders for making filelists more organized. It could get a bit complex but it allows the user to create filelists with the amount of directories and subdirectories of their chosing, and not be limited by their PC's folder structure.
  2. crash on /r command

    Awwww, but I use /ratio very often :thumbsup: Any ETA?
  3. Mirror another user's filelist

    Yes, this would be helpful. I've thought about it many times. But your subject is misleading. It's not "Mirroring", you're asking for refreshing a filelist. This is a much needed feature. For other people's file list, and your own. Don't know why it's not there yet.
  4. More info in Search spy

    ya, you're basically asking to see who is searching for what. Then again, the CDM gives IP addresses, so there's practically no privacy. So it would make sense if you either added nicks and more info to Search Spy, or removed the IP's from CDM.
  5. Typo in Settings

    There's a typo in the Plugins settings. Unistall
  6. Having the search display results from your own list would be great. I know there is one when you open your own list, but its a 'notepad-style' search, where the whole string must match exactly. I guess allowing people to toggle this feature would be better. It makes it easier to check if you have a certain file, or check if a file has hashed, or quickly create a magnet to the file, instead of having to navigate through your list every time. What do you think?
  7. Search results include myself.

    That's not more effective. If adding your own results in the search is too hard, then the search function that's already present when you open your own filelist should be improved. Right now it's a Notepad-style search, making it almost useless.