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  1. Client Compatibility

    DCDM++ 0.0495svn can download from pretty much any client that I've tried, including the latest DC++ and it's derivative clients. It won't upload to any client looking for full TTH supports (0.696 and up, methinks). Rather, it would, but those clients don't want anything to do with it. Haven't ever bothered with DCDM special, nor do I care to share with an op client. . . so it works for me. Hope that fills in the gaps here.
  2. Lol, I got kicked today...

    Happened to me in the same hub *recognised the rules* and a few ops in that hub/network actually use apex that I know of. I made the mistake of actually trying to discuss why the client wasn't bad. Which was kinda stupid of me, but heh.. I got a bit miffed when he told me the reasons why, as they seemed poorly informed, speculative, and just as tired as so many I've seen over modified clients for years. What the network admin essentially said was that it was bad because of the segmented downloading, which he said slows the hub down.. He wouldn't be more specific on this, but maybe he meant the old argument involving CTM's being sent out. Which is pretty much groundless as any client can do that with a fair amount of items queued, and as Strong (and Apex in turn) limits to something like 10 at a time, or so. And really there are much bigger worries as far as hub bandwidth is considered. Although, maybe he meant that it would slow the collective download speed of the hub's users through misuse, but without specifics.. who knows. The other feature was that it includes a limiter.. which is such a tired argument..I won't even start. What surprises me is that he said this while strongDC++ is in the list of clients allowed, but at the same time, I've seen him tell people not to use it. . . . . Also they had in their topic that they were considering allowing multi-segment clients a couple days ago. heh.. Seems like a confused state, honestly. But I'll keep from saying entirely what I think >_>
  3. I'm not sure if it's any help, since you've probably checked it out already. But I was experiencing the same problem. . I didn't think to check ignores even after seeing this post. But deleting the file solved it. And the user wasn't in any of the hubs I was in at the time. Also everytime a new user logged in the userlist would scroll all the way to the top automatically, and the client would lag/CPU would jump up at the moment as well. This is only happening with me with 2.2.
  4. [Bug] Message of the Day

    This very well could be related to a problem I was having with a script in my own hub. Namely, the script would PM something like this: "[] <amenay> blabla" From a registered bot. My other main clients (LDC++, CZDC, DCDM++) received PM's fine, except ApexDC++(see note at the bottom).. so what I did was change it to "<[]> <amenay> blabla" in the script.. That fixed it. So for some reason, PMs or maybe messages altogether that don't begin with "<" don't bring up a PM, although, you can see it in debug messages. Some MotD's are sent as PM's, and some don't begin with a botname, MotD , or such.. therefore they'll just start off with text without the < .. Maybe this is where your problem is occuring. Anyhow, this is a before and after for the problematic line in the script, if I wasn't clear enough. It's from SpamKing v2.1.. which originally by gg3k..converted by jiten, and with features added by NightLich and GeceBekcisi. Before: SendToNick(v["sName"], "$To: "..v["sName"].." From: "..sMainChat.." $\[ "..curUser.sIP.." \] <"..curUser.sName.."> "..msg) After: SendToNick(v["sName"], "$To: "..v["sName"].." From: "..sMainChat.." $<\[ "..curUser.sIP.." \]> <"..curUser.sName.."> "..msg) If this is intentional, I'd be curious as to why, I can imagine it causing problems with other scripts..but most are rather easily fixed. But if it doesn't serve some purpose..maybe it should be looked into as a bug? Note: I realised I should probably test this against the latest version of DC++, upon doing so there was a noticable difference. If I had no "<" the message wouldn't appear at all, if I had < in front with the script as shown above it would just appear in main instead of in PM from the bot. Like this: [04:57] <[ ]> <amenay> blabla [04:57] <amenay> blabla This is with the same PM settings between DC++ and ApexDC++, and occurs in DC++ .691 and DC++ .694.. yet not in .674. I'm not sure why the behaviour is different in ApexDC++, but it's prefable over no solution at all, as the case is with "plain DC++". Maybe I'm ignoring a setting elsewhere. Hope all that sheds some light on it for others.