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  1. Search own share

    I welcome everything, at this forum. I am sorry for language, these are base school knowledge. The original text, is located here, indifferently. In advance I apologise, if the question already rose, but though I have not found at an answer forum as well on many hubs it put people in a stupor. So keep to the point. Has aimed to look as files are indexed that at me have downloaded and has faced such problem. If files that at me originally are in a shаre to set in search, even if completely a name of a file with expansion search equally does not find all of them. I further delete it from shаre simply I remove a tick then, again I set in search and at once I see them at those who at me it earlier have downloaded, that is search works. Here the question also consists in why so occurs and as it probably to bypass. The purpose first of all to use for comparison and improvement of practice of names of files for their the subsequent productive share. P.S. Windows XP Rus SP3 - Apex DC ++ 1.2.0B - direct connect (without firewall), external IP, ports all are opened, time interval between search is considered, I repeat no problems with search there is all quickly and accurately finds, only does not give out in search own share files. Thanks.
  2. Spam Filter in PM's

    You are great work. Big thanks for good job. :whistling: I wait for the further updatings. :thumbsup: