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  1. Be that as i may , most of the hubs today are not exclusively ADC hubs.. This needs to be iniated as a client feature.
  2. I'd hate to have to bump such an old topic, but this is really a big issue i have as well. I upload, alot. Thats basically all i do all day is serve files in numerous hubs. I sometimes have as many as 5 connections from 1 person... Its not fair to others who have to wait in line. This is a feature that really should be initiated. Any word on this even still?
  3. welp i figured out what it was. Cant say i know why, in fact it makes the complete opposite of sense.... In the connection settings on first install, theirs in the ip slot .. If your behind a router like me, youd have to put in your router ip.. is my pc. That has always worked for me. Just for shiggle and gitts , i changed it back to and viola, everything works again... so.. oddage... but solved. I do thank you all for all your help.
  4. regardless. none of my hublist links contain the " nyud.net" so apparently that doesn't apply. this is a client error, most likely starting with the new beta. Even with switching to the old version it still doesn't work. So my guess is it has something to do with the registry settings for some odd reason. I mean, for 2 different versions of the client to have the same problem while 3 other clients of the same application do not share this problem.. My guess is it has to be something in the registry corrupted(ing) and my question was simply this, with the non beta version coming out, will this problem be fixed. Got some folks here say " Gotta be you, mines fine" . Well as i previously stated i've spoken to people in hubs who have said things like " Cant remember the last time i got the public hublist". lol so its not just me . :blink:
  5. dont see that anywhere lol. :s
  6. Nope no firewall. Like i said i havnt had this problem before. and ive used apex for a while. recently this happened.
  7. Agreed. But mine is currently, and has been , disabled. :crying:
  8. Hey guys, i was reading up on this because i haven't been able to get the public hublist in quite some time now. [[ http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=3133]] Normally this wasn't an inconvenience because i had fav's list so i didnt need the public listing. i uninstalled apex dc++ , tried an older version, than tried the new version again. Still to no avail. I lost my favs list in the process! :crying: Anyway, heres where it gets interesting. I downloaded the standard DC++ and peerweb dc++ & strong DC++ or whatever its called and the hublists come in just fine! Which lead me to find out its something with apexDC++. And no, its not my client, because ive tried multiple versions of apex now, as well as other clients and apex is the only one that doesnt recieve hublists. Here are some screenshots. 1.The apex error 2. The small list of different hublists i have tried. (not all of them, just the ones now) 3. The public hublist using Standard DC++ 4. The public hublist's hublists' 1.] http://veeapps.com/nick/ss1.jpg 2.] http://veeapps.com/nick/ss2.jpg 3.] http://veeapps.com/nick/ss3.jpg 4.] http://veeapps.com/nick/ss4.jpg Now my question is, is their going to be a fix for this? I have tried different clients and they work fine, but i <3 apex and do not want to switch. ~ .s1/ Nick Edit ALSO.. I get connection errors even when trying to check for client updates! So its not only the hublists aparently. 5.] http://veeapps.com/nick/ss5.jpg