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  1. %[userCS]

    <%[myNI]> +report %[userNI] is sharing forbidden files containing: %[userCS]| thats the RAW i am using i get this in mainchat of the hub: [13:27:25] *** User [X]xxxxx - Sharing 1 forbidden files including mm1-dcn..avi.I4P3PGN622AH4UR5QOCTFUVIIDM7RR3IH23AMLQ.dctmp, comment: Regel #7 in red text but in opchat where the report is posted i get this: [13:27:25] <OpChat> REPORT: user '[X]xxxxx' IP= 'xx.xx.xx.xx' HOST='' Reason='is sharing forbidden files containing: '. reporter -- IP=' xx.xx.xx.xx ' Host=' ' User=' [bOT]xxx ' the %[userCS] is empty even though it gets a hit in ADL search and the same goes for filelist errors and cheats.
  2. %[userCS]

    After update from 1.2.x to 1.3.x all my commands that use %[userCS] have started to give the output "No Profiled Matched" on ADL search and other stuff like wrong filelist and such. Would be nice with a fix for this issue.