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  1. "Error creating adc registry key"

    So just a report back: I changed the properties of the exe to run the program as an administrator and it worked. :)
  2. "Error creating adc registry key"

    So I just reformatted my computer (Vista Business 32-bit with all important updates) and installed ApexDC++ (v 1.2.0B). I was previously running v 1.1.0 with no problems, but I keep getting these two errors: "Error creating magnet registry key" "Error creating adc registry key" The first I have worked around by disabling the installation of the magnet URI handler, but the second one I cannot find a fix for on either these forums or all of Google (at least, not in English). Does anyone have any clue what the problem is? I'd rather not have to uninstall this version and downgrade to the one that used to work for me.