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  1. Smart "on request" tth

    this idea is surely very good theoritically, but the problem is that some people do searches by TTH (auto-searches, for instance). since ApexDC++ won't be able to answer to some of these TTH searches eventhough you do have the file in your share (but it's not yet hashed), i doubt hub operators would accept this.
  2. Search Spy

    i've not tried it in ApexDC++, but i guess there must be a column like "IP". actually, when receiving search requests, you only receive IPs, and ApexDC++ can't have an easy way to match this IP to someone's nick. however, once you have established a connection with this IP (i mean, download his file list for instance), ApexDC++ can then know this user's IP. try it and see if it works, otherwise IIRC it needs few work in ClientManager.
  3. Speed limit per IP

    if you wish to implement this, i can help, i did it some time ago... (per IP, or per nick, users usually prefer when it's per nick, but this is a bit more complicated to do.)
  4. A bigger chat message box

    this can seem to be difficult at first sight, but it can be very easily achieved with the current code; look at this line in HubFrame.cpp's UpdateLayout(): int h = WinUtil::fontHeight + 4; change it to something like int h = WinUtil::fontHeight * numberOfLines + 4; and call UpdateLayout() with a new numberOfLines any time the message box's content changes. then, adding options for the min/max number of lines, and such stuff is just a matter of time, nothing to really think about there...
  5. Connection between two passive users?

    these people have also thought about it, and there is a very good explanation of something that could work: http://midcom-p2p.sourceforge.net/