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  1. [Bug][0.2.1] Path to Main Chat Logs

    Yes, I installed ApexDC over PeerWebDC, but this bug appears after clean install too.
  2. New path at Logs Settings "MainChat\%[hubURL].log" always changes after ApexDC++ restart to "%[hubURL].log" and logfile is create in root logs directory, although string "<LogFileMainChat type="string">MainChat\%[hubURL].log</LogFileMainChat>" in DCPlusPlus.xml file don't changes.
  3. Some rmDC++ features

    There are no replies about client features! For people, who didn't use rmDC++, I've attached screenshots to first post:
  4. Some rmDC++ features

    Useful rmDC++ 0.403D[1] features: Custom away message on toolbar; Changing Popup PM time in Settings; Send PM in Favorite Users Window by doubleclick; Different Client emulation function. And my request: Remove downloading file in Transfers Panel; Changing size of PM input panel. P. S. Я гляжу, тут много людей, которые понимают великий и могучий русский язык. ;)