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  1. I just launched the ApexDC client and received an exception Exception info: Code: c0000005 Version: 0.1.0 Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2006-08-07 22:19:03 TTH: SNNSE225TMBCCP3CHH6SQUP4FBQM2EZXBVDXFII c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\apexdc stuff\stlport\stlport\stl\_threads.h(365): it said something about Floating point could not be loaded :ermm:
  2. AutoUpdate

    You know if apex dc wasn't consisted of two files like exe and that pdb, instead you would devide some most importat sections of the code and place them in libraries (DLL), the update of the program would be acomplished a alot faster and it would be smaller. For example lets say the program has additional 3 dynamic link libraries, and the updated code is only in two of them, so the automatic update program would only need to update those to files, instead of all the client :)
  3. Protocol Obfuscation

    Ok here goes, a new emule version just came up, and there is a realy nice feature called Protocol Obfuscation. it is explained very vell right HERE. in Short: And i was just thinking if somewhere in the near future it could be inplemented into the ApexDC too if it is at all possible. Best of all since the emule project is opensource the idea and the code could also be borrowed :D
  4. RoBots in Apex?

    to make a scripting language is a very hard thing to do, as you have to make a whole new language and integrate it into the program so it would understand your commands not one by one, but so it could process lots of them to make one single task. And it would consume much cpu if you want something like that, there should be a feature like plug-ins. Take for example very know Total Commander it has a plug in for almost everything Plug-in on the other hand a small, very efficient and consume less cpu, if written correctly And if the Client would grant sufficient priveliges and functions for the plug-ins to access, you could do allmost anything with them :)
  5. AutoUpdate

    Well ok the spyware program wasn't such a good example, but i see you all got the right idea what i was talking about. It is more comman in games actually where you download a patch to update your favorite game to the newest version, take for example well known Counter-strike or in software like the Zlobomir said the "HFS Server" Well i didn't mean it to become something like windows automatic updates, the program just suggest you to update if you don't want you can choose not to do so it isn't a nag or smth like that. the other great thing about ApexDC is that it is a stand alone application. So if your friend needs it you can just copy the executables from your folder and share them with your friend, it doesn't store files in other places so it will work in another computer just as well. And a good thing about patches is that you can give your friend a patch instead of all the program if he allready has that program that is and save some space on your removable device storage
  6. AutoUpdate

    Hi, This isn't somekind new grand idea, but never the less would be good to have feature. An autoupdate function, in many popular software like Spybot or other. Instead of the new version check with a download button witch takes you to the download site, there could be something like this: You press say update button if the new version is available, then the program connects to the server and downloads the precreated patch, which then is executed, automatically closes the client ant updates it. This would save you up on the bandwith a bit and would be more comfortable for users. Since the patch stores only the information about the version diffrences and changes the needed parts of the file on execution. Ant the patch itself has a small file size, laike 300KB, which can be downloaded very quickly(now you have to redownload the client witch is 3.8MB of size) There are many software witch creates the patch for you, and can even close the active program if needed before update. so the only would thing needed to do is to make the patch, place it on the server and make an automated function witch would download that patch ant execute it. From my Point of view it seems not hard to do, but i could be wrong thank you for taking some time and reading this (if you do)