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  1. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    Is the test still defected? The test: My router Zyxel 600 series:
  2. [Support] Unable to open TCP port

    Ok.. I have this problem also! Unable to open Tcp/tls port. And I cant dl anything! Why???? And what should I do to fix this problem? n.b. I recently downloaded the newest ApexDC++ with this result!
  3. Userlist icons

    Hi there I'm new to DC and when looking at user list there is lots going on. You got lots of colors, many signs etc. Can some one give me a ref to complete list of all user signs, i.e. colors and signs etc? Now to night I was red, not only red but also was I kind of a bomb, with green check mark on! All the best Pantera best