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  1. win98 compatibility & other reqs

    [*]Banning won't be implemented: leecher tool You are right, this is not the best solution. But I need something to differentiate the "good and bad users". (For example option to set a different upload limit for a special user). I don't want to generally limit my upload speed, because "good users" are allowed to download from me as fast as they can. But I don't want to allow "bad user" this... (Now I diconnect them and hope that my client give to an other user the new free slot). And other P2P systems have ranking system too... [*]Explain flexible thread managemen I meant clever segment management. I know that I can set in the download queue window the number of segments and the source users... An example: I'm downloading a huge file from 6 users at low speed. After waiting 2 hours a new "high speed segment" starts (earlier I got no free slots message from this user). It would be nice, that I could _prefer_ this user (don't disconnect from him (because I may "lose" his slot) until I download the biggest possible part of the file (even the client may "overwrite" some earlier downloaded parts). Sorry English is not my native language (as you probably see ); I can't explain better: The client should manage the segments to get the smallest download time. I know that there is no universal rule for this, so client may give the user more options. (In my example a non-multisegmented client is more effective than a segmented.)
  2. Hi! A win98 compatible non-outdated segmented downloading capable dc++ client would be nice. The latest version of original DC++ now uses unicows.dll and (probably) works on win98, so this part may be portable to ApexDC++. Others: -easy way to remove something from download queue (without open the download queue window) -ban user from downloading (I hate users who download at 1 MB/s from me and use 5 kb/s netlimiter). -flexible thread management (preferrable user (who I'm downloading at high speed from) with one click, so I won't lose its slot). Sorry for my bad English.