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  1. Separate Hub Usage Statistics

    I was talking about this :)
  2. Separate Hub Usage Statistics

    so what does the staff think about this idea? :P
  3. Separate Hub Usage Statistics

    1 and 0 is even better idea IMHO!! I think we could start with one small addition: a counter of search results near each hub in favorites window. So whenever user wants he can see how many times each hub gave a search result. Could we start with this small addition and see how everything goes further? :)
  4. Separate Hub Usage Statistics

    so... what do other users/admins think about this idea? :angry:
  5. Separate Hub Usage Statistics

    I connect to a lot of hubs at a time, and I would really like to know which hubs are the most usefull for me and which are not usefull at all. So I think it would be very nice to have hub statistics with graphics, where all favorite hubs would listed descending by the download (and upload) from them. For example: HUB STATISTICS: 1. HUB C - [DOWNLOADED 100%] (1000 GB) - [uPLOADED 50%] (50 GB) 2. HUB D - [DOWNLOADED 60%] ( 600 GB) - [uPLOADED 12%] (12 GB) 3. HUB A - [DOWNLOADED 2%] ( 20 GB) - [uPLOADED 80%] (80 GB) 4. HUB B - [DOWNLOADED 0%] ( 0 GB) - [uPLOADED 100%] (100 GB) (Downloaded and Uploaded could be usual ApexDC++ graphics.) Let's say, I got these statistics after one week of ApexDC++ online, so I see that I downloaded nothing from HUB B the whole week, I only uploaded there, so it is no usefull for me at all. Such feature would be very usefull in managing favorite hubs for users with a lot of favorite hubs. What do You think about that? :)
  6. Tray Improvement

    Personally for me it is very good as it is now: minimize button goes to try, close button closes ApexDC++. But I understand hsa2 needs, so I agree that it would be nice if users would be able to choose the actions of the buttons: Minimize button: * Minimizes to taskbar; * Minimizes to tray. Close button: * Closes ApexDC++; * Minimizes to tray. (then ApexDC++ would only close through Right-Mouse button click on ApexDC++ icon in the tray and choosing "Close/Exit ApexDC++")