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  1. I'm running Windows 7 and have this nice little dock bar thing. I like the fact that when I minimize a program to the tray, it doesn't have a selected box around it until I click on the link and unminimize it. ApexDC++ is the only exception to this rule, because when you click on its icon on the dock, it comes up with a new dialog asking if you want to run a new instance of the program. I can see why this would be useful, but I'd like the option to disable this dialog and never run a new instance, but just unminimize from the tray. The dialog box is just annoying, that's all.
  2. Option to not ask for new instance.

    I know it gives me the option to not run another instance when I try to run the exe again, but that's exactly the problem. I'd like a way for that dialog to never show up and always use the current instance, because I don't use the tray although I like the minimization to the tray (running in background as opposed to just being minimized, there is a difference in Windows 7). You'll be happy to know that Apex runs perfectly in Windows 7 (64-bit), although there is the one issue I'm complaining about that makes it less than perfect.