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  1. Another one.

    I concur! (it's been in dos and linux too you know =P, that's what makes it bearable to use a prompt) Using the upkey for that purpose would make it hard to use several lines of text in the mc prompt, but something like shift+upkey then
  2. Protected Users

    oh sry, I of course mean users that won't be included in client detection and such.
  3. Password Window

    That would be equally good =P
  4. Password Window

    Escape button? if you're talking about the top right X, it does nothing
  5. Multithreading for "Search"

    why would you want 5000 search results? narrowing down your search seems like a better idea. And now I notice that apex doesn't have a search limiter, or I'm completely blind, that would be a good thing too.
  6. Password Window

    When the wrong password is entered, the hub disconnects you, so to re-enter password, all you have to do is reconnect, wich is precisly what apex would need to do to re-enter password. But yeah I agree, there should be a close or disconnect button, so you don't have to enter the wrong password and possibly get banned, wich is really annoying
  7. Protected Users

    There should be an option to supply nickpatterns for protected users, either in general or one pattern for each hub (preferrably both). To protect vip's and such.