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  1. Readd sources -> all leads to total interface freeze (5 times out 5). I apreciate if it will be fixed faster, and not after few months. (sorry for my spelling)
  2. Shift+Enter make new line in private messages only, like ctrl+enter. It's different behaviour from main chat, there works only ctrl+enter. And it's not very convenient, then something writing with shift, it's very likely press shift+enter, and this confuses. Maybe there is solution?
  3. Cpu load 30 - 60%+ after i select ignore some user. Restarting apex not helped. Deleting Ignores.xml helped. Maybe it's some help: that user was on multiple hubs or exited from all hubs.
  4. User icon's explained

    It's confusing. I tried connect ~10 users, all conected except one. Then, that is not connectable? And that diference it is?
  5. User icon's explained

    Firewalled? Isn't it passive users? If so then it's buggy feature. Red don't depend from is user passive or not. If u don't mind noobish question about this topic. That exactly mean icons "User with fireball"(mine) and "User with server"(router on the network)
  6. [bug][0.2.1] Description doesn't change

    Uncomfirmed. Maybe description set in favorite hubs > hub properties