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  1. I'm talking about their web hosting. Ssing your email for this is an alternative, but not so good. I use it for backups. //its 2.6 GB, not 1.

    Lee, I'm not comparing them, just giving some small alternative which imo has some advantages :P.

  2. wtf ? Wanna say something :lol: ? Aztek and me are working on it, probably 2 different projects, he codes in C#, I in C++, but this is getting offtopic now, so please use PMs. Also, expect new features ^_^

  3. I assumed, but you know that there's always some hope :lol:

    Ever downloaded a rared game/movie ? To use it, you have to unrar it. But you must share the .rar files, not the unrar-ed ones. So to keep uploading and still being able to play (the movie or install the game/app again) you have to keep both sources - the .rars and the extracted file. So you waste 2x HDD space.

  4. I meant that in BT you only have to download the torrent and the tracker is in it, you can add more if you want, but in dc you have to enter hubs manually. Dunno how many users use thepiratebay and so on. So do you mind sharing this cool hub with me/us ? :lol:

  5. Why didn't you post the good sides of BT :lol: ? I personally achieve much greater speeds with it, less leeching, the load is divided between users, not only the main seeder/s with 100%, i would say trackers are more reliable than hubs, i don't have to connect to 100000 hubs to download from all sources and maybe even more i cant think of right now...

  6. I have an idea - a cpp exe that makes your bat with user's preferences (path, what to back up, number of backups, maybe a bat that first backs up apex and then runs it, and so on).what do you think ? I'll work on it tomorrow (right after those notification and reminder features CB requested).

  7. 1.Configure the new dir in settings(downloads/unfinished downloads directory and save them by clicking OK) and close apex;

    2.Move your folder to that new location;

    if you downloads still start in the old location, open ApexDC++/Settings/Queue.xml with notepad. search for TempTarget="...." (first search for TempTarget= to see exactly the dir) and change it too for every download. (here replace function comes in handy).

    3. Start apex. Everything should work.

    BTW you can use "%[targetdrive]\Some Dir\" for tmp dir, this way %[targetdrive] if auto. changed to the download location's drive letter.(F.e you download a file to X:\ and your tmp dir will be X:\Some Dir\).However dont use it for downloads, it doesn't work

  8. It has been fixed already in beta 3 (internal testing). If you want roll back till the new version is out, its your choice after all.

    It is called beta version. It includes many new features, which imo is a jump.

    Also there's no difference between new and upgraded ones...

  9. In simple words - hashing is a process where a file is indexed and a TTH is generated (something like C3LD7LWASXDTYYCPNI46APOCK4GYZQDE7QFLLFB) . Every file has a unique TTH (in theory). This is done so that after download your client can rehash the file and check whether the file is 'the same' (no corruption, etc) by comparing the 2 hashes.

    Google for more info