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  1. Q[1]I created a class that works fine on a windows application. But, on a web application it times out before 1000 milliseconds for each of the 4 pings.


    I receive "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions."


    BKPing inherits directly from the classes found in the System.Net.Sockets namespace and utilizes Raw Sockets for building ICMP packets. Only administrators have access to Raw Sockets on Windows NT and above Operating Systems. For further information please view the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

    PRB: RAW Socket Access Denied to Non-Admin Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Users

    The two simple steps below will enable Raw Socket access for your ASP.NET application:

    1. Add the ASPNET account to the "Act as part of the operating system" policy


    Select <Administrative Tools> + <Local Security Policy>


    Select <User Rights Assignment> + <Act as part of the operating system>


    Add the "ASPNET" user.

    2. Allow your ASP.NET application to impersonate an administrative user


    Open your ASP.NET application's web.config file


    Immediately below the opening <system.web> tag add the identity tag

    <identity impersonate="true" userName="ComputerName\AdminUser" password="AdminPassword" />


    AdminUser is an administrative user on ComputerName

    AdminPassword is the password associated with AdminUser

    Taken from:

  2. I made another UB.Here it is:


    To use it in forums just paste this:

    If the above doesnt work try with this :
    For web sites:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="ApexDC++ - The Best Direct Connect Client!" /></a>

  3. Then you'll wait.

    You want us to make hash speed 0 seconds ?its impossible.Please read some docs about the hashing process - why do we need it and why it takes so long.

    And it wont force 'em to upgrade - it will do exactly the opposite - "well, people still can download from me - why do i need to upgrade ???".

  4. Code: c0000005
    Version: 0.2.2
    Major: 5
    Minor: 1
    Build: 2600
    SP: 2
    Type: 1
    Time: 2006-10-29 15:52:15
    d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\memcpy_amd.cpp(495): memcpy2
    d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merkletree.h(181): MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x04A3F6E8,1024>::getHash
    d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merkletree.h(131): MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x029888A8,1024>::finalize
    d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merklecheckoutputstream.h(67): MerkleCheckOutputStream<MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x00CB2598,1024>=0x019A0B98,1>::flush
    d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\filteredfile.h(96): FilteredOutputStream<UnZFilter=0x004A6C70,1>::flush
    d:\cvs\apexdc++\022\client\merklecheckoutputstream.h(77): MerkleCheckOutputStream<MerkleTree<TigerHash=0x082444F6,1024>=0x56097401,0>::write
    0xFFFFF5B8: ?

    shi*t!Apex was running fine ( 0 crashes for 2 months ) and then when i was Dl-ing and uploading and apex was minimized it crashed.The speed limit was on, i was suppressing MC,Winamp was on pause and skype was on.

    EDIT:I had ~5000 files in queue and i tryed to remove them (after apex had crashed already...)it crashed again.i restarted it for a 3rd time , removed everytimg from queue and it was fine.

  5. Dude why dont you use oDC to download from those users and apex for everything else.And there's no good reason to make a patch.If you dont like the fact that new dc clients dont support old stuff - go to dc++ forum and talk with the dudes there.

  6. Ok, i got the point - you see no reason to do that.I was trying to speak from the name of all apex users.I can encrypt my folder,put a pass on my account and lock my room, but what about all other users who cant do that?Just wanted to improve apex.

  7. Because i tend to forget my favorite hub passwords every now and then, and this is why i want the to be in human readable format :whistling:

    You can always decrypt em or write em on a list.Ok if You dont like extra security for some reason.

    @balder: If You were Bill Gates then passwords for acounts wouldnt be invented, cuz OS will relly on hardware security - just lock your room , lock your apartment and You are secured.(Just a joke,dont take this personally)

  8. I don't see why user would get banned because f.ex. 3-4 line winamp spam... (ofc. you'll get banned if you put huge ascii pic in it or something like that, but who would be that stupid)

    It depends on the hub rules.And as Lain_13 I find it useless too.(Maybe cuz i dont spam at all)

  9. But what if im a newbie ?

    I know that but how can a newbie know that ?And i did that with the copying a long time ago//if it wasnt for that forum i'd only know how to use the interface for everything and how to export my settings//, i just tought that it'd be a good example for what a newbie'd do.

    And You are only discussing the export example.What about the encrypting in favorites.xml and hiding it in the favorites?

  10. im someone can read your favioutrets.xml file you probably have more problems then them stealing your dc account

    Well you're right but having more security is better.What if i have a brother ?I must encrypt that folder or use the security feature (in which (v.0.2.1) I found many holes) to prevent him from stealing my pass.But what if im a newbie ? I've never seen options and im too lazy to type the pass every time ?Or if i wanna give my favorites to someone else (imagine if i have 20 hubs - i must remove the pass from each single one , send the favorites.xml and retype the pass for each single hub)