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  1. Step number 3 is empty in the "no router guide". Also, I think you should rename "If you are behind a router:" to "If you are behind a router/firewall": It's highly recommended to chose a port from 49152 to 65534.If you want to chose a port < 49152, please make sure that port isn't used.Here are several links, there you will find a list of popular and used ports:
  2. Commands in main

    10x for reporting this @Crise - the link should be ""
  3. Commands in main

    /join /clear /c /ts /showjoins /favshowjoins /close /userlist /connection /favorite /removefavorite /getlist /find /extraslots /smallfilesize /savequeue /whois /ignorelist /log (system/downloads/uploads) /help /pm /me /switch /stats /pubstats /password /ratio /winamp /wmp /itunes /mpc /away /uptime /apexdc++ /refresh /search /slots /filext /y /define /uptime /limit /g /imdb /wikipedia /discogs /u /rebuild /shutdown /f /tvtome /csfd Here you go - these are most of them Note: These are the commands in 0.4.0 i think.
  4. Advanced features in favorites (hub)

    Instead of a button, i think that something like a 'user proficiently' modes like in Azureus will be far better.
  5. apexdc++ and experts only

    They are all explained somewhere in the forums, i think it was BigMuscle that posted an explanation. Rollback - how much data to discard and re-download when there's a corruption Socket read buffer - how much data to read from the HDD at once The 'socket write buffer' or 'write buffer size' was the opposite of the above, i am not sure which adn i dont have a clue about the 3rd one - if i could use search i wold have found them. Use socket read/write buffer carefully - some people get a performance increase, others - decrease Test them - it all depends on your HDD. PS: I know nearly all of the experts only settings, maybe ill make a guide, just explain to me 'max resize lines' and 'max sources for autosearch':)
  6. ok I have another question now about linux

    /off Don't believe scientists - they are part of a secret world conspiracy so they tell you to think and get dumper so they are smarter and they take over the world I was kidding :P
  7. ok I have another question now about linux

    @TYRRAM - I didn't say asking questions is bad.Sorry if I offended you by some way.It's good that you are curious about linux and stuff.So about linux: If you are going to install linux on a second drive i would recommend you to unplug your win drive so your win boot loader is preserved.That way to switch between OS-es you need only to change your BIOS config.The other way is to let linux install its GRUB(boot loader) on both drives and select your OS when asked. So, I'll extend my post - You have live distro, if the live distro has install feature you will be able to install knoppix directly from it, if it doesnt - (*) you need to download and burn the install cd/dvd (the same way as you burned you live cd). (*)I dont know about 'upgrading' live cd to install cd, but who knows - impossible is nothing Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE. @Zlo:The questions stuff was for Google and search engines not for TYRRAM - if you make the right search query google you give you the results you want.Also i mean the live cd/install cd/dvd, sorry for mis-writing it - i am not recommending him to use live distro, i think i explained the basics about the installation of linux- he needs to boot from the live cd/install cd/dvd and install the distro.No exe's needed.There are FAQs and manuals at the distro's site for further instruction - if I had more time, i would give you links... PS:Zlo, I don't like thinking Thinking kills brain cells PPS: sorry again, i writed #2 post for 1 minute...
  8. ok I have another question now about linux

    Just boot from the live CD ad you will use linux without installing it.There are some live cds that offer install.So configure your boot order from your bios, put the cd in, restart your PC and you will have a live distro running PS: Dude, there's a lot of info on the net, make a Google search and you will find everything you need. If you ask the right questions you will get the right answers.
  9. It's a good idea, but it will be extremely hard to accomplish so I guess you should forget about it... About the compile - have you read the guide ? Please read the whole guide - everything is explained there :)
  10. upload incomplete items

    AFAICR - Super-seeding feature
  11. Show mac for administrators

    I didn't say that there is no difference between IP and MAC address, it all depends on the situation and I'm talking about the tech. side of the things, where you don't have to call your ISP... PS: this is the last post ill write in this topic...
  12. windows Me non conpatible

    There are reasons and thus - attempts. Better upgrade your sys and be safe than count on that...
  13. apex for linux

    If you are careful you wont lose anything... So about the live cd - it's an .iso file, the fact that you have configured your sys to open .iso files with winrar doesnt mean that you have to extract it or burn a specific file from it, just burn the iso file. PS: Zlobomir is not talking about me...
  14. Show mac for administrators

    I didn't say i don't know how to do it,nor that i cant find out how to do it .An IP change (if your IP isn't given by a DHCP server (I think that was its name)) is just a IP number change, you don't have to restart your system... PS:It's a stupid subject of discussion if you ask me and i don't like wasting my time...
  15. Show mac for administrators

    Because dc doesn't use it.The only way to add this feature is to add a small program //build it in apex// that automatically checks the user's IP, send the MAC to apex and apex shows it. PS: AFAICR Changing MAC its not easier than changing IP ;)
  16. Настройки за активен режим 1. Ако не сте зад рутер: 1. Изберете "Direct Connection" в "Connection settings" на настройките на АпексДЦ++. 2. Кликнете на "Get IP Address button". 3. Ще трябва да разрешите АпексДЦ++ във Вашият софтурен firewall. 4. Проверете активния режим като кликнете на "test connection" във File>Settings>Connection Settings. Забележка: Възможна е неточна информация за TCP порта, по вина на сайта. Опитвайте да търсите и сваляте дори при грешка. Можете да проверите дали портовете ви са отворени на 2. Ако сте зад рутер: Забележка: Активният режим през рутер с TCP и UDP на един и същи порт номер обикновено дава добър резултат с АпексДЦ++. При проблем опитайте различен TCP и UDP порт. Избягвайте портове под 1024 или блокирани от доставчиците. Препоръчително е да се избере порт от 49152 до 65534, ако все пак искате да изберете порт между 1024 и 49151 изберете порт които не е използван - тук можете да намерите списък със използваните портове. Останалото бъде преведено скоро... Базирано на това ръководство.
  17. Apex DC++ Reindexing

    As far as I know - no. It only indexes new files and directories.Have you deleted anything from apex's directory? Did you ran some cleaners, etc?
  18. [Support]GeoIP flags

    Doesnt the '?' mean that the IP is not in GeoIP database ? I get '?' for all local IPs (10.*, ect )
  19. Changing Avatars

    I changed mine 1 week ago, everything worked fine.
  20. Majoe impoments o Apexdc++

    Cant understand what you mean, please explain. Cant understand what you mean, please explain. maybe winrar or something ? If you ask me this is way too much... I think there are some tools/bots for this, it will require a server with big bandwidth or maybe a client running in every apexdc user, there will be problems with search flood,IP ban... and it'll require much coding If you mean joining one hub several times - this is possible with a trick,you can join unlimited (by apex) number of hubs, the other thing is impractical. If i understood correctly, you want colored pop-ups ? why ? Where ?
  21. Passive Selected by default

    Many users don't even have to configure anything (f.e in lan environments) so I am for Direct connection
  22. apex for linux

    Why do you need live disto if you have knoppix 5 and xubutu 6 ? About the live cd burning - burn the live cd/dvd image using nero or some other burner program (f.e in nero you choose Backup/Burn image to disc )
  23. Bug with download

    I cant download the file - it starts with 3 KB and then goes to 0 (connecting...) after that - goes to 3 KB again and then it freezes (again :stuart: ). I guess there's some corruption and the client re-downloads the corrupted parts but I am not sure - it just a guess.(since sdc and its mods dont check TTH after download - they check each piece (if i aint mistaking))
  24. search results

    I think no, just made a search after removing my settings and got 3700+ files
  25. /off I know - thats why I put that quote :stuart: Did you read it ?