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  1. Hi, first i want to thank you for the great job with apexdc. I've notived that if I put a space after the address of a hub (many users do it , i dont know why) i can't connect to it.For an instance: [11:55:39] *** Connecting to ... [11:55:41] *** The requested address is not valid in its context. See the space after "" and "..." ? it'd be great if someone puts a space in the address field apexdc to ask him is he sure. And 1 question.i know that apexdc is build on strong dc, but just to be sure:When i used strong dc (i dont remember the version. maybe it was RC10 or something like that) i started downloading 1 file.only 1 user had it.then strongdc started downloading the same file from another strongdc user.but it looked like this : FILENAME.EXTENSION.ZELFYOL5ZH7ENKB5F7IBDKNLUHX4O7WENGEUUXA.dctmp (the file + THH).I downloaded the user's file list and after doing a long search (manually and with the 'search' option) i couldnt find it.He hadn't shared the dctemp directory.maybe it was some strong dc function.or he had shared the file but i couldnt find this available in apexdc too? And 1 suggestion:that page where you write 'help us fill it' well you can add a migrate function.the user must select one other dc client's folder and to select what he want's to be imported from it : it's favorites , queue , share list .... afcourse you can do it just by copying tha "Favorites.xml" file , etc.but it'd be nicer.I have like 20 clients (well i only use 6) and when i first installed them i had to do all the settings , favorites manually (back then i didnt know that copy thing). Add a 'save queue' button.Or maybe the queue to be saved automatically when a new file is added? And finally 1 more : add a function , which will index all of the files on a PC when its idle or with a button for the user to do it.i know that files do constantly change, but i'm tired adding like 100GB of files and to wait for 1-2 hours, before other users can download them(yes , i know that it would take 1-2 hours again but when i add a file that already had been indexed i wont wait a sec.) (and maybe the user to be able to select which folders will be indexed , so WINDOWS wont be indexed all the time) Sorry for my bad english. If u need beta testers i'm able to help before 10.09 cuz i have to go to school then . EDIT : And one more function.Call it DLC (DownLoaders Clan) So its little complicated. version 1 : i have enabled that function in options.other apex dc users have enabled it too (in my hub ).So i start Dling a file from 1 normal dc user.he has 5 slots open.but im Dling only with 1 MB (for me it's slow) so other BDLC members in tht hub start DLing the same file from the same user. (or maybe from all the users) and they start direcly uploading it to me.So if the user is ULing with 1 mb per user, 4 other BDLC users will start DLing and my overall rate will be 5;s little complicated.if u cant understand it please ask me and i'll explain more. version 2 : Call it BDLC ( Big DLC ) now this is the tricky has all of v1 options.lets say that im connected to 1 hub.i start DLing one file.I ( apex ) will send a request to a apex server.the server wil send a request to all of the apex dc users who have 10kb+ connection to me ( i guess that the server will gimme their IPs , and apex will ping em ).they will search for that THH in their hubs .so apex automaticaly joins all of the hubs (well max. 10 or 50 ) who have that THH and i start Dling from there.Afcouse it must only be enabled for 600+MB file i dont want it to do all that for a readme . Well i know that u wont do it.but anyway.if apex has that function it will be absolute best dc client ( well not that it's not now ) Please if u enable these 'clans' include me in some 'thanks to' section or even in 'about' :):)
  2. iDemon Feature Requests

    yes i know.i personally never ask such lame questions.But since iDemon is administrator and he watches the main chat and there a lot of lamers in my local hub such questions are asked constantly and since hes a good man (im not saying that bcuz he is admin.) he is ready to help.I never bother to do such stuff (like wasting my time helping lamerz(lamerz , not ppl who have no/little experience with PCs).Afcource if someone asks something like "how to make my fat32 drive ntfs?"ill answer.Really.
  3. Spaces after hub's address

    Sorry about .2.i was too lazy. And yes , my friends make the bridge wider (bridge == bandwith).Not every one has modded client like rmdc , sdc , apx my hub 60 % of all are with the default dcc.yes , they can emulate , i know.and not everyone has enabled the speed limit.And about that 'problem' - im not Dling from all user with 250 - 500kb.And everyone says that such speed is normal.From some users i DL with 6MB+.I havent noticed any difference between the speed i get with apx and normal dc.(unless theres multi src). There r far more important things to be done than this.So unless other users like it dont waste ur time
  4. iDemon Feature Requests

    What is someone asks : who has firefox? or something like that it can be game , program etc.
  5. [Bug]Another Security 'Hole'

    Even if theres a password and apx iz minimized if u start apx it will ask u do u wanna start another instace or something like NO.apx will maximize without entering the pass.
  6. Password Window

    if u think that itz working fine and itz the best part of apex see the video i made : take azureus for example :
  7. Password Window

    It will be good if the password window has its own 'tab' in windows 'taskbar' (i think it was called), like in my picture.also the close button doesnt work.add a close button bellow 'OK' or fix it ( please ).i dont know what other users will say but i think it will be good if i entered wrong password a new window to show up and say something like this : wrong password entered do you wanna retry?" ( if none is entered just to close ). EDIT : and when apex is in tray and lets say u click 5 times on its icon the pass window opens 5 times and u have to press 5 times OK ( even if u entered the correct pass the 1st time ).disable multi instance for it.
  8. iDemon Feature Requests

    Lastest verion of firefox was just an example
  9. Spaces after hub's address

    ok.ill try to explain again. Usually when i wanna DL a 3GB+ file i contact my friends and tell em :im DLing file 'FILE' from user 'USER' - start Dling the same file too!.because they have shared their tmp dir,i start DLing from all of them that 3GB+ file.and they are all downloading from USER(or from several users).So normally USER is uploading to me with 500KB/s , but now when all of my friends are downloading he's uploading with 2-3 MB/s.And totally im DLing with 1-2 MB/s from USER and all of my friends. and thats a way to save precious time. /for some users i may look impatent, but sometimes 10-30 min. can be really important/ so the feature i want is the same , but automated - i start Dling that file and apex automatically sends a command (RQ) to my friends / favorites who have apex (or someone else with apex who has that feature enabled).So they automatically start DL-ing that file and Uploading it to me.u may say : i dont need that file , helping someone like ifmn only wastes my HD space and my bandwith.So it will be good if im someone sends a RQ to me for a DL of a file (and im going to be that helper for him) that feature to disabled when im Dling a file. ( so that my bandwith is saved ) and packets to go in ram (decrease packet size for that feature since i dont want it wastin 4+ MBs of my RAM), not to HD since i dont really need that file - im only helping some apex user ( and someday he'll help me ) So i know that the feature wants really great time of work and since it can be done manually there's no need of it.So im not very optimistic about it(not optimistic at all).but it can save some time to apexdc++ users and work as well. So dont do it if other users dont want it - no need to waste your time for someone's pleasure (like me) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and that other feature im talking about - a server who will make searches in many hubs and then send back to me the results.(like HUB xxxx has file with THH so i can join them and increase my Dl speed again)
  10. Speed limit per IP

    i like it too.
  11. [slash]help

    when u type /help somewhere this comes out : [15:51:06] *** HELP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /refresh (refersh share) /savequeue (save Download Queue) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /search <string> (do a search...) /g <searchstring> (search Google) /imdb <imdbquery> (search film from IMDB database) /whois [iP] (do whois query for IP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /slots # (upload slots) /extraslots # (extra slots for small files) /smallfilesize # (max small file size) /ts (timestamps on/off) /connection (show IP and port where connected) /showjoins (enable/disable showing joins & parts in mainchat) /shutdown (activate shutdown sequence) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /apexdc++ (print ApexDC++ version to chat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /away <msg> (enable/disable away mode) /winamp (Winamp spam to chat) /w (Winamp spam to chat) /clear,/c (clear chat) /ignorelist (show ignorelist in chat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For more help please head to ApexDC++ Forums (Help -> Forums) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ seems like u forgot to include * Ratio: type /ratio or /r * Uptime: type /uptime or /ut * Public statistics: type /pubstats * Show statistics only to yourself: type /stats
  12. [slash]help

    ok just wanted to inform u
  13. [Crash] ApexDC++ does not work in WINE.

    That's for Stealthy DC.Anyway can someone say did Apex work with those dcoms and dlls?
  14. Notepad Auto Scroll

    OK if the other guys dont want dont put it.
  15. Tray RC Options + Protection Password

    What explorer.exe - never heard of it. I even havent heard of My computer (afcource that i know what explrer.exe iz ).So if my dir is C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Drivers\etc\Nvidia\Setup\other How will he find it ? with search ( i have disabled look into system's folders' /or something like that/ and 'dont search hidden folders' (and since he is a noob he doesnt even know that such stuff even exists) or he'll manually check every single dir in my PC? And as i said few users even know what DC is and very but very few know how to f*ck with the files in my DC client installatiion dir.(like dcplusplus.xml) And in PCs theres nothing secure.theres always a way someone to mess up with your PC And one tip - if your too lazy just make the right click work as left click (at the tray) if there's pass.Once u entered the pass the right click will function correctly
  16. Tray RC Options + Protection Password

    i dont wanna anyone to see my default dir!!!what if im/or someone else is/ DLing porn (and im not, im DL some keyloggers and such stuff )I dont want my cousin to limit my UL speed ( i have sayed to my friend that ill remove the limit for him )
  17. Tray RC Options + Protection Password

    very few users know that.the fact that the pass can be removed doesnt mean that we should leave other 'holes' (for me they r holes)
  18. A Video showing a bug...

    i have a 1.29 mb video showing a chat bug.please gimme an email so i can send it to u
  19. [Crash] ApexDC++ does not work in WINE.

    WINE isnt perfect.wait for the linux release
  20. A Video showing a bug...

    So will u fix it.
  21. Password Window

    i know but it will be better if it worx.what about adding it own tab and disable multi instance ( another process ? )
  22. Password Window

    dudes i wasnt talking about the pass u enter for your nick.(i havent even noticed that password window for it exists since my passwords are in favorites )I was talking about the 'protection' pass.but it can be done for it too. OFFTOPIC:i couldnt post earlier bcuz whenever i hit the 'post reply' button firefox showed connection timed out.Now i tried with the fast reply and it worked.
  23. Password Window

    yes the red X does nothing thats why i said fix it or add cancel (i know that if u press OK its the same but anyway)
  24. iDemon Feature Requests

    I agree with all of idemon's requests.sometimes i have problems DL-ing video_ts folders too. and about .4 - every good thing costs something - in our case - cpu usage .
  25. Spaces after hub's address

    Yea i understood it.and im not talking about superseeding . anyway forget it