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  1. Multiple line winamp spam

    It depends on the hub rules.And as Lain_13 I find it useless too.(Maybe cuz i dont spam at all)
  2. Multiple line winamp spam

    I cant see the point...And You may get banned (if You have enabled it).
  3. Password in favorites

    I know that but how can a newbie know that ?And i did that with the copying a long time ago//if it wasnt for that forum i'd only know how to use the interface for everything and how to export my settings//, i just tought that it'd be a good example for what a newbie'd do. And You are only discussing the export example.What about the encrypting in favorites.xml and hiding it in the favorites?
  4. Away Button

    Do you remember that u can set your AM right from the away button in rmDC++ ?How about making this possible in ApexDC++ too ?
  5. Password in favorites

    Well you're right but having more security is better.What if i have a brother ?I must encrypt that folder or use the security feature (in which (v.0.2.1) I found many holes) to prevent him from stealing my pass.But what if im a newbie ? I've never seen options and im too lazy to type the pass every time ?Or if i wanna give my favorites to someone else (imagine if i have 20 hubs - i must remove the pass from each single one , send the favorites.xml and retype the pass for each single hub)
  6. Away Button

    There's a little pointer in the away button and only if you click at it you will be asked for a new AM.And if you dont like my idea ill still be happy with
  7. New message in MC

    You know that apex changes its tray icon when a new PM i received , right ?Why not doing the same for a new message in the MC?.How about showing a pop-up ? //Of course they will be optional so u can enable/disable em//
  8. What do you think about suppressing MC right from the RC options ?I know u can do it from options but it'll save u some not a coder (i know just basic C++) but i guess it wont take much coding.
  9. [Crash] Caused by /winamp

    Had the same problem with '/w' - i found out that it was winamp's fault - version 5.12 or 5.25 or something like that did not shutdown right - the process remained running.Try upgrading to 5.3.
  10. [Support] Upload Slot Usage

    @ Crise: Why dont put an option for that?(disabled by default if You wish so...)
  11. [Support] Upload Slot Usage

    @ maciver : what if gadasch (or some1 else) doesnt wanna change his nick?
  12. As far as i know you can DL a filelist even if the user has no slots ( and he's not faking )Im not 100% sure so excuse me if im wrong.
  13. The new windows will be called 'Vista'.And in my country u can make a thousand mistakes and not get locked up.I think there was a topic how to run Apex on linux (in this forum) so please make a search. Personally I'd prefer linux (kubuntu x64) if it wasnt for games , some programs and games. But afcourse making a pure linux client will be good. PS: There are other p2p clients out there expect dc.
  14. I had ZA + Apex (0.2.1) 1 month ago - no problems.
  15. Ctrl + F

    If i wanna search the main chat i have to : 1. - right click 2. - select all 3. - copy 4. - open notebook /some other text editor/ 5. - paste and now i can finally use ctrl + F to find something is it possible to import ctrl F? (or some other method for searching the MC)
  16. Hot keys manager

    I agree that sometimes hotkeys can be very handy.
  17. Online alert feature

    U said u know that there's show parts/joins on fav. users (@ MC).there's also a feature to show a balloon popup on fav. user connected so u can notice it too .I think its even better than personal PM.If i misunderstood u please excuse me.
  18. [Support] Filelist transfer display

    hold your mouse over the left bottom of apex.but there are only the last events.
  19. Close button

    "On windows systems there are many dc clients.Y do we need to make another one." About the button: Because its more convenient for me ==> it might be more convenient 4 other apexdc users.As Zlobomir said i guess it wont take too much time and coding.And dont want something big like apex supporting torrents - its just a small RQ.And please read my posts more carefully.
  21. Peer Guardian Plugin

    Blok everything esle.Look at mine examle: I did such table manually: .......................|| And then I pasted this into "guarding.p2p" (after I removed everything else) ForbiddenNetwork1: ForbiddenNetwork1: And u can always disable the plugin. EDIT : i guess the crise's way will work too and will save u some time.
  22. made wallpaper for me

    good work RadoX.
  23. Apex User Bar

    As i said anyone who wants can use, distribute and edit it without asking me.Im glad You like it.
  24. Close button

    It was a joke.And i dont know whats so confusing - "minimize on close" (if its a option afcourse) And this way ppl can use minimize to minimize to taskbar ( i thing it was colled so ) and close to minimize to tray.
  25. PGP features

    Ok, 10x and keep up with the good work!